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The Genealogist, Whitney Entries.

Dallett, Francis James, F.A.S.G., "The Inter-Colonial Grimstone Boude and His Family," The Genealogist, vol. 2 (1981), pp. 74-114.

[p. 75]

The American Historical Register, organ of the then emerging hereditary patriotic societies, presented to its Christmas readers in 1894 "Some Stories of Colonial Families: Boude of Pennsylvania", an article contributed by Mrs. William Lebbeus Whitney (nee Emma St. Clair Nichols), a great-granddaughter of Henrietta (Boude) Hillegas, the granddaughter of Grimstone Boude. In 1887, Whitney was a principal source for the biography of Michael Hillegas, written by historian William Henry Egle for The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, which mentioned the Boudes.12 Her own genealogy, Michael Hillegas and His Descendants (Pottsville, Pa., 1891), from which the Register piece had been bodily extracted, drew, however, for its Boude content upon Memoirs of Matthew Clarkson of Philadelphia, 1735-1800, by His Grandson John Hall, and of His Brother Gerardus Clarkson 1737-1790, by His Great-Grandson Samuel Clarkson, which had preceded the Hillegas book by one year.13 The Hillegas and Clarkson histories did not have wide circulation. The Register did, and it is from its pages that much of the Boude history compiled by Hall and Whitney was lifted for inclusion in James H. Miller's work on West Virginia, History of Cummers County. Judge Miller was the first historian to list among the Boude posterity the Work family.14. At the turn of the twentieth century, American Boudes were not looking for prominent English Boude descendants but for aristocratic origins in the Old World, and their family scribes were not about to disappoint them. John Hall of the Clarkson Memoirs is the ultimate culprit in the repetitive process of what will here be shown to be a complete misidentification of Grimston - as there spelled - Boude. The Hall, Whitney, Register and Miller accounts intruduce Grimstone Boude and a "brother", Adlord Boude, who "came to America near the close of the seventeenth century, and settled at Perth Amboy as agents of the New Jersy Proprietors".15. The curiously named brothers are stated by Hall and Whitney to have been born in England, sons of a John Boude and grandsons of Adlord Boude and his wife, born Grimston, a "daughter of the first Baronet" -- a man unnamed by Hall but identified by Whitney as Sir Harbottle Grimston ("ca. 1596-1683 [sic]), first Baronet, of Bradfield in Essex, a man whose dates are actually c.1569 to 1647.16. Mrs. Whitney altered this pedigree in her later Register article, identifying the wife of the first Adlord Boude (now "Esquire", and of Essex) as "Henrietta, the daughter of Sir Edward Grimston" (presumably a knight, though unstated).17 Whether she here had in mind Edward Grimston (d. 1610), M. P. but no knight, father of the first baronet, or his father, Sir Edward Grimston, Kt. (1528-99), no mortal can now tell.18 As for Sir Harbottle Grimston(e), Whitney and Josiah Granville Leach, also a Boude narrator, retained his erroneous dates of birth and death and identified him as

[p. 76]

"Speaker of the House of Commons at the Restoration and Master of the Rolls", referring now, however, not to the first Baronet, who had simply been a member of Parliament, but to his namesake son, the second Baronet (1602/3-1684/5).19 They did, to be sure, present Sir Harbottle as a collateral rather than direct ancestor, but eagerly retained for the Boudes Grimston(e) origins in the person of a standard bearer to the Conqueror who, right then and there in 1066, was granted a Yorkshire estate.20 1 Emma St. Clair Whitney, "Some Stories of Colonial Families: Boude of Pennsylvania", The American Historical Register and Monthly Gazette of the Patriotic-Hereditary Societies of the United States of America [Register], 1:367-70 (1894-95), ed. Charles H. Browning.
12 PMHB {Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography}, 11:406-09 (1887).
13 (Philadelphia, 1890) [hereinafter Hall], Mrs. Whitney inserted a Boude query, evidently never answered, in PMHB 17:383 (1893).
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16 Hall, p. 19. Emma St. Clair Whitney, Michael Hillegas and His Descendants (Pottsville, Pa., 1891) [hereinafter Whitney], pp. 25-26, 98-101, where the absence of any Grimston-Boude marriage in these latter pages actually contradicts what is said earlier. For the correct Grimston pedigree, see G. E. Cokayne, Complete Baronetage, 1 (Exeter, 1900), pp. 106-07.
17 Register, 1:367 (1894-95).
18 Cokayne, supra note 16, p. 106.
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[Transcriber's note: Emma St. Clair NICHOLS married William Lebbeus7 WHITNEY (Lebbeus6, James Rex5, Caleb4, William3, Joshua2, John1).]

Roberts, Gary Boyd, "Further Developments in Royal Genealogy: Additions and Corrections to the Review Essay on Paget's The Lineage and Ancestry of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales," The Genealogist, vol. 2 (1981). pp. 244-256.

[p. 248]

32. Sir Robert Whitney (N14435) was the son of Robert and Margaret (Wye) Whitney and grandson, not son, of James and Blanche (Milborne) Whitney (O28869-70) and of Robert Wye.24 24 See Henry Melville, The Ancestry of John Whitney (New York, 1896), especially Appendix XI.

Rumsey, Jean, F.A.S.G., "Descendants of Daniel3 Grinnell for Three Generations," The Genealogist, vol. 7-8 (1986-7), pp. 144-277.

[p. 181]

James [Redfield], b. 27 June 1767, bapt. 9 Aug. 1767, 864, d. 19 Aug. 1858 ae. 91, m. (1) c.170 Sarah Haines, prob. born 7 March 1774, d. 15 Aug. 1794, dau. of Silas and Amy (Whitney) Haines,865 m. (2) Stamford, N.Y. c.1795 Abigal Barlow, d. 17 Feb. 1822, dau. of Edmund and (prob.) Salome (Middlebrook) Barlow.866 864 First Cong. Church, Westbrook, Records 1:48.
865 Both birth and death are recorded with the death of Silas Haines (Haynes) in 1779 in the battle of Fairfield (Weston Rec. 11:469) but she was not assigned a husband by Jacobus because there was no married name in the death record.
866 Jacobus, supra note 852 [Donald Lines Jacobus, History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield (repr. 3 vols., Baltimore, Md., 1976)], 2:62, 442, 783.

[Transcriber's note: This was Amy5 WHITNEY (Samuel4, Richard3, John2, Henry1).]

Delorey, Janet Ireland, "The English Origins and Descendants to the Fourth Generation of Edward Wood of Charlestown, Massachusetts," The Genealogist, vol. 9 (1988), pp. 90-159.

[p. 150]

603 Samuel and Rachel Wood of Mendon, now resident in Boston, to Jonathan Whitney, for £140, 45 acres in Mendon, Worcester Co. Deeds 46:208, dated and ackn. 1 Feb. 1759, rec. 22 Nov. 1762.

[Transcriber's note: This was probably Jonathan5 WHITNEY (Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Benjamin2, John1).]

[Arthaud, John Bradley], "Historic Ancestors: William Spencer," The Genealogist, vol. 17 (2003), pp. 65-69.

[p. 69]

19 . . . Ellen M. Whitney, The Black Hawk War, 1831-1832, 2 vols. in 4 (Springfield, Ill., 1970-78), 1:222 (Illinois Volunteers).

Brayton, John Anderson, "The Early Whitakers of Middlesex County, Massachusetts," The Genealogist, vol. 18 (2004), pp. 233-255.

[p. 245]

"2 May 1707: John Whitaker of Stow, Middlesex Co., yeoman, to David Whitaker of Concord; consideration £20; a certain messuage in the town of Stow containing one dwelling house with land and 20 acres of upland more or less; bounded southwardly by [smeared], westwardly by Isaac Heald, northwardly by the Town Swamp, and eastwardly by Richard Whitney. [witnesses] Joseph Dean, Susanna Dean, John Mirriam, Jr. [signed] John Whitaker his mark & seal.86" 86 Middlesex Co. Deeds, 14:554 (recorded 13 Jun 1707 at Charlestown), FHL Microfilm 554005."

[Transcriber's note: This was Richard3 WHITNEY (Richard2, John1).]

Spencer, Austin W., "Abdication and Succession: Thomas4 Green of Boston and the 'Dynasty of Printers'," The Genealogist, vol. 17 (2003), pp. 209-222.

[p. 218]

SAMUEL GREEN, b. Boston 21 April 1706,64 d. New London 11 May 1752;65 m. there 12 Nov. 1733 ABIGAIL CLARK,66 b. Chelmsford, Mass., 28 Jan. 1705, dau. of Rev. Thomas and Elizabeth (Whitney) Clark,67 d. 17 April 1781.68 64 Boston Births from A.D. 1700 to A.D. 1800 [supra note 12], 41.
65 Diary of Joshua Hempstead [supra note 2], 588.
66 Kiessel, "Green Family" [supra note 1], 88; Woodward, "Prince's Subscribers" [supra note 29], 14; Smith, "Green Family Items" [supra note 2], 51.
67 Vital Records of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849
68 Kiessel, "Green Family" [supra note 1], 88.

[Transcriber's note: This was Elizabeth3 WHITING (not WHITNEY) born 6 Nov 1660, Billerica, MA, daughter of Samuel2 and Dorcas (CHESTER) WHITING (Samuel1). She married Rev. Thomas CLARK on 14 Oct 1702, Billerica, MA, as his second wife.]

Sullivan, Steven Edward, M.A., "Four Benjamin Eastmans of the Upper Merrimack Valley, New Hampshire," The Genealogist, vol. 21 (2007), pp. 46-70.

[p. 56]

"Children of Benjamin4 and Susanna (Jackman) Eastman, all recorded Boscawen, N.H., and all born there except as noted:"

[p. 58]

"vi. ENOCH EASTMAN, b. 26 Oct 1772, was living in Murray, Genesee Co., N.Y., in 1820.89 Enoch Eastman "of Wendall" m. Wendell, N.H., 11 April 1799, RUTH WHITNEY.90 Enoch prob. was residing in Newport, N.H., in Sept. 1793 when he witnessed a deed for his brother Ezra.91 He soon moved to Bridgewater, Vt., where he was 'warned out' on 15 Feb. 1804.92 Yet, he was living there in 1810 with a family of seven, enumerated near his brother Benjamin Eastman Jr. and in-laws Joshua and William Whitney.93 In 1820, Enoch's household in Murray, N.Y., consisted of a male 45 or over, a male and a female 26-44, a female 16-25, a male 18-25, a male and a female 10-15, and a male and three females under 10.94
  89 1820 U.S. Census, Murray, Genesee CO., N.Y., p. 183.
  90 Sunapee Records [supra note 78], 1:910 (original 1:65).
  91 Cheshire Co., N.H., deeds, 40:539.
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  93 1810 U.S. Census, Bridgewater, Windsor Co., Vt., p. 491 (30010-30010). In 1800 Joshua Whitney was in Wendell, N.H. (1800 U.S. Census, Wendell, Cheshire Co., N.H., p. 327).
  94 1820 U.S. Census, Murray, Genesee CO., N.Y., p. 183 (110111-31110)."

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