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These individuals received pensions for service in the War of 1812.

Given Name Wife Unit
Alexander - ME Miltia
Andrew - Cpt. Elkins Co. US Vols
Ami - NY Miltia
Benjamin Amelia CT Miltia
Calvin Polly VT Miltia
Christopher Susan P. Sgt. in 9th US infantry, MA res.
Christopher A. Adaline US Vols, WI res.
Danforth - NY Miltia
David - VT Miltia (alleged)
Ebenezer Dorcas D. MA Miltia
Eleazor - US Infantry
Eli Catherine NY Miltia
Elijah - NY Miltia
Ethiel /alias Lyman Beecher/ Elizabeth CT Miltia
Ezra Elizabeth CT Miltia
Francis Mary MA Miltia
George - KY Miltia
George W. Angelina H. MA Miltia
Isaac W. - NH Miltia
James Lucy MA Miltia
James - NY Miltia
James V. - 11th Infantry
John - NH Miltia
John - NY Miltia
Jonathan Mary OH Miltia
Joseph Betsey NY Miltia
Joseph Jane NY Miltia
Joseph Mary L. US Engineer Corps
Joseph Mary US Navy
Josiah Almira US Corps of Artificer's
Leonard - MA Miltia
Levi Permilia NY Miltia
Luther Lydia MA Miltia
Luther Hannah NY Miltia
Matthias Rebekah NY Miltia
Nathan - NY Miltia
Nathaniel Clarissa NY Miltia
Otis - NY Miltia
Peter Laury VT Miltia
Phineas - 3rd Infantry
Ransom Mary PA Miltia
Richard Martha ME Miltia
Salmon - MA Miltia
Stephen M. - US Navy
Thomas Anna VT Miltia
William - NY Miltia
William - NY Miltia
William - US Navy
William - VT Miltia
William M. - VT Miltia

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