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[p. 2]


Adams 11
Allen 10
Armitage 19
Bailey 11
Balfour 16
Ballard 10
Barry,Lyman 9
Batterson 10
Beach 13
Bellingham 16
Blankenship 3,9
Bohanmah 9
Bricker 15
Brooks 12
Burdick 13
Burns 15
Burr 13
Burrell 16
Butler 18
Calef 17
Castle 11
Cechum 7
Chapman 13
Chase 9
Clapp 2
Clark 10
Coburn 14
Consolver 14
Cook 13
Cornell 11
Cotner 12
Covert 13
Davies 17
Davis 10
Dean 17
Dorsey, R.W. 11
Edwards 13
Emmery 13
Eyes 12
Fairbanks 10
Faunce 14
Fay 10
Fetterman 12
Finney 11
Forman, Jerry 3,4
Freeborn 17
Foeer 13
Graham 12
Gray 9
Grayhurst 16
Greene 13
Gross 18
Hall 19
Hard 12
Harris 9
Harvey, Mary A. 7,8
Heaton 17
Hill 20
Hillisman 9
Hillsman 9
Holt 10
Hume 17

Ingham 16
Jackson 12
Johnson 16,18
Johnson, Ann M. 9
Jones 10,11,13
Jordan 12
Ketcham 7
Kettlemann 18
Kiefer 18
Kimball 17
Kingham 20 
Kuder 16
Laurence 10
Leedy 15
Lord 8
Losey 17
Mack 15
Marvin 15
McCluskey 11
McConnell 11,12
McCorner 11
Miller 11
Molsberry, Frances 9
Moore, Jean 3,4,9
Morehead 15
Morin 17
Neely 16
Nelson 16
Nichols 10
Noble 17
Oaks 8
Ogden 9
Orton 15
Oswalt 13
Perry 10
Peterson 16,19
Pollard 10
Porter 16
Preston 13
Price 10
Rand 13
Randall 10
Reed 10
Richards 13,18
Riggs 18
Robbins 13
St. Clair 10
St. John 13
Savage 19
Schifelbein, JoAnn 10
Schoonover 11
Sheridan 17
Sherwood 9
Shoreland 17
Siems 16
Smiley 15
Smith 7,9,12
Smith, LaRae 8
Stanton 12
Stenrud 17
Storrs 20
Swain 13

Thaire 13
Wadleigh 16
Walman 18
Welles 19
Wheelock 17
White 12
Whitmor 7
Whitnah 15
Whitne 7
Wilson 19
Wood 9,10
__?__ (Ketcham) 7
A. G. 17
A. (Jones) Mrs. 13
Abigail 14
Abraham 10
Ada L. 19
Adelaide (Clapp) 12
Adelbert J. 20
Adeline (White) 12
Adeline A. ( ? ) 19
Agnes 19
Abert G. 17
Alice (Wheelock) 17
Amanda (Swain) 13
Amelia (Case) 9
Angeline 12
Ann 15
Ann Mercy (Harris) 9
Anna J. (Stenrud) 17
Arthur 4
Arthur E. 18
Artimacy (Preston) 13
B.D. 13
Barbara 16
Barbara J. 18
Bathsheba 12
Benjamin 9
Benjamin F. 16
Ben R. 16
Betty (Wood) 10
Betty/Betsey (Wood) 9
Byron H. 16
C. 20
C.C. 5,6
C. H. 5,6
Caleb 3
Calfrona (Burdick) 13
Calvin B. 17
Caroline (Richards) 18
Casper E. 16
Charles 8,15,18
Charles C. 16
Charles D. 16
Charles O. 16
Charles T. 18
Charles Wesley 3
Chas. T. 18

Clarence 18
Clarissa (Jones) 10
Cora E. (Neely) 16
D.E. 17
Daniel 10
Daniel Estey 17
Daniel W. 4
David 11
Delbert B. 12
Dudley M. 17
Earle 14
Easter 15
Electra 8
Eliab 19
Eliah 19
Eliza J. 18
Elizabeth 8,12,16
Elizabeth (Smith) 7
Elizabeth Lyman (Clark) 10
Elmer E. 16
Elsie (Hill) 20
Elsie A. ( ? ) 19
Emma F. (Wadleigh) 16
Esther 14
Esther M. 15
Esther Mary 15
Experience (Fairbanks) 10
Ezekiel 11
Florilla 12
Frances 4
George 8,15
Georgia (Bellingham) 16
H.W. 12
Hannah 15
Hans William 9
Harriet (Ingham) 16
Harriet (Sherwood) 9
Harry E. 20
Harriet Ervin 9
Henry 7,8,15
Henry G. 16
Henry Payson 17
hepsibeth (Fay) 10
Hezekiah 10
Hiram 12
Ida T. 14
Ina R. (Sheridan) 17
J.B. 12
J.C. 19
J.D. 12
J.M. 12
J. Warren (son of Joseph
Warren Whitney) 16
Jabez 10
James 11,13
James A. 8
James H. 12
Josem O'Dell 16
James R. 3
James Rex 3
Jennie 16
Jeremiah 15

Joel 19
Joel E. 19
John 3,7,8,10,13,
John B. 9,12
John F. 18
John Kimball 17
John M. 3,4
John McCall 11
Jonas 10
Jonathan 10,11,15
Joseph Warren 16
Joshua 3,8,9,10
Julia 18
Katherine (Kimball) 17
Katherine (Oswalt) Mrs. 13
Levi 8,9,10
Levi Russell 10
Levi St. Clair 10
Levi Taylor 10
Levi Warren 9
Lilliam Beatrice (Grayhurst) 16
Lizzie T. ( ? ) 8
Lucretia 15
Lucretia T. 8
Lucretia T. ( ? ) 8
Lucy 12,15
Lucy (Pollard) 10
Lura 8
Lydia 11
Lydia ( ? ) 10
Lydia (Jones) 11
Lydia (Randall)(Price) 10
M.M. 4
Mabel 13,19
Madge 16
Maggie ( ? ) 3,9
Malissa (Cotner) 12
Maranda (Marvin) 15
Marcy (Perry) 10
Marea (Emmery) 13
Margaret ( ? ) 9
Margaret (Hall) 19
Martha (Bohanmah) 9
Mary 11,12,15,16,19
Mary (Consolver) 14
Mary A. ( ? ) 9
Mary Ann (McCluskey) 11
Mary Ellen (Kuder) 16
Mary Ester 15
Mary F. (Heaton) 17
Maude E. 20
Mercy 8
Morris D. 20
Moses 11
Myra 10
N.J. 17
Nancy Ellen 16
Nate J. 17
Nellie (Johnson) 16
Newel 13
Pansy L. 20
Patience (Bailey) 11

Phebe (Schoonover) 11
Phila Jane (Ballard) 10
Pierpont 13
Polly 13
Polly St. Clair 10
Ralp D. 16
Ralph W. 18
Rebecca 9
Rebecca (Clark) 10
Rhoda (Smith) 12
Richard W. 18
Richard W. Jr. 18
Rodney 20
Ruth (Greene) 13
Ruth Josephine (Johnson) 18
Sally 8,15
Sally Lucille 17
Sally (Batterson) 10
Salmon 12
Samuel 8
Sara (Cechum) 7
Sarah 9,18,19
Sarah Ann 15
Sarah Maria 13
Sarah ( ? ) 15
Sarah (Chapman) 13
Sarah (Holt) 10
Sarah (Lawrence) 10
Sarah W. (Storrs) 20
Sheldon 13
Shubael 12
Sophia (Kettlemann) 18
Sophronia 13
Stella 16
Stella V. (Peterson) 17
Stephen 14
Susan (Stanton) 12
Tabitha (Allen) 10
Thankful (Allen) 10
Thomas 11,13,14
Thomas Jr. 14
Walter Cleveland 18
Ward J. 19
Wheelock Jr. 17
Wheelock Sr. 17
William 3,4,10,15
William B. 9
William R. 18
Zebudah (Davis) 10
Peckham 12

As is evident, starting in the 3rd row, all the names after the name WHITNEY: have the last
name of Whitney; ones with - ( ? ) - are ones that I didn't have a maiden anme for spouses.
All known surnames are in the first columns, and if the exact name of an ancestor is known
you can find it in the other columns too, (names may be listed more than once on a page).
What state do you want me to search for Whitney? What cities do you want me to search for
Whitney's? What counties would you like me to search for Whitney's? Please let me Know!
I will be searching all areas, but will do the states and areas you want first!..Lisa
If readers will send me a list of the other surnames you are researching, I'll print them
in my other newslette (FAMILIES, ANYWHERE - EVERYWHERE), and help you to reach other people
who are working on the same surnames. There is no fee for printing your surnames, or for any
queries on other names...Lisa
Subscriptions to the Whitney newsletter are $15 in U.S., Hawaii, Alaska; outside U.S., they
are $18. plus IRC for reply....Subscriptions to "Families, Anywhere - Everywhere" are $15.,
in U.S., Alaska and Hawaii; outside the U.S. they are $18., plus IRC for reply. Send our
requests, with payment (and IRC) to HOUSE OF GENEALOGY, P.O. Box 106, Knoxville, Iowa 50138.


[p. 3]

                                               LETTERS TO LISA

1) Dear Lisa,...Thank your for publishing a great quarterly on Whitney's! My great grand-
   mother was a Whitney. I joined DAR on James Rex Whitney line, he was in Rev. I have the
   Whitney book by Pierce, The Descendants of John Whitney, who came from London, England
   to Watertown, Mass. in 1635, published in 1895.

   Page 390, #3168, Charles Wesley Whitney, (John M., James R., Caleb, William, Joshua and
   John). Charles Wesley Whitney is father of Maggie Whitney, who married James Edwin Blank-
   enship, 21 March 1878. They are my great-grandparents. I will, at a later date, send the
   full information, birth, death, and marriage that I have, if you would like.

   I would love to have a photo or xerox coy of real tombstone of John and Elinor Whitney.
   Do you have any ideas? Also a picture of the ship that they traveled to America on?

   I'm not real organized due to storm roof damage which caused much of my research to get
   wet and damp, and I'm trying to put it all in loose-leaf binders, but I'm always glad to
   share what I have.

   Keep up the good work, I appreciate you very much! Sincerely, Jean Moore, 1723 W. Virgin-
   ia Ave., Chickasa, OK. 73018-5328
   JEAN: I've located a place that has ship photos, etc., but as of this
   date I dont' have a picture (yet), but if I am successful at finding
   one through the above reference, then I'll certainly let you (and all
   my readers know)...Lisa
2) Dear Lisa,..Words cannot describe how grateful I am over the extensive
   work you did for me on my WHITNEY research. I will surely follow through
   on the remainder of the names you sent. Also, I appreciate learning of the
   web site where many of these names came from. I've since really been
   "going to town" pulling all sorts of other family names down for research.
   This opens up a whole new world! Thank goodness for the internet. I'd
   like to pay you for your expenses if you'll let me know the cost...
   Sincerely, Jerry Forman, 1508 West View Dr., Berkeley, CA 94705
   JERRY: Thank you(!!) very much for your nice words! It always "makes my
   day" when I get nice letters about how people like, and benefit from,
   my newsletters! I want my newsletters to help people,and I am so happy
   when it does!

            .........and as for your offer to pay.....

       THANK YOU!, for the offer, I do appreciate it! However, the
       subscribers to my newsletters OWE ME NOTHING for the research
       or expenses I put out to issue the publication.

       I do the research on my own time, and because I want my news-
       letters to HELP the people who pay for it!

       All I ask  in "payment" is for readers to share their charts,
       FGS's and histories, with all of our Whitney "family"...And
       to send me everything they can, so that I can print it to
       share, and to help us all find our ancestry!


[p. 4]

LETTERS TO LISA (continued)

3) Dear Lisa,..Enclosed are copies of WHITNEY listed in the Mississippi
   census index for 1820 and 1830. Hopefully these will be useful in your
   search, and in helping others. Thanks again for your Whitney quarterly
   and for Families Anywhere - Everywhere. I appreciate all your work!

   Our Brady Co. Genealogy Society has free queries if anyone wants to
   send one, - they can address it to me:

                         Jean Moore
                         ATTN Brady Co. Gen. Soc.
                         1723 W. Virginia
                         Chickasa, Oklahome 73018-5328


   JEAN: Thank you for this opportunity to help our readers! Perhaps it
   may help many of them on their other names too! And thanks for sending
   in the censuses! I need items like that! They help! They are listed in
   the next space on this page...Lisa

                 WHITNEY, ARTHUR         FRANKLIN CO.   MISS  39   100100-00100-0
   1820          WHITNEY, DANIEL W.      JACKSON CO.    MISS 446   000200-00000-0
   census........WHITNEY, FRANCES        FRANKLIN CO.   MISS  39   010101-02000-0
   Mississippi   WHITNEY, JOHN M.        ADAMS CO.      MISS  12   301110-00200
                 WHITNEY, WILLIAM        JEFFERSON CO.  MISS  59   100021-20020-0

                 MISSISSIPPI CENSUS - 1830
                                        |          |  WHITE MALES | WHITE FEMALES |
   1830                                 |          |------------------------------|
   census........    FAMILY HEAD        |  COUNTY  |UN|10|20|40|60| UN|10|20|40|60|
   Mississippi                          |          |  |to|to|to|& |   |to|to|to|& |
                                        |          |10|20|40|60|OV| 10|20|40|60|OV|
                 Whitney, John M.        Jefferson   2  3  2  0  0   2  0  2  0  0
                 Whitney, M. M.          Amite       0  0  4  0  0   1  1  1  0  0
                 Whitney, William        Jefferson   0  1  2  0  0   2  2  0  0  0


    NOTE FROM LISA: I want, need, and welcome letters on what you folks are
    needing, or wanting. I have received some very nice letters from those
    of you who have found help through the pages of this publication, but I
    am not getting enough letters or requests on what you would like to have
    me check out at the state archives, and other places where I go to do my
    research. And I feel at times like I am "getting nowhere" in providing a
    helpful newsletter to you all. If it doesn't matter where I reserach,
    or you simply want just anything/everything I can find on Whitney, then
    that would help me to, if you'd let me know that! There are so many books
    and records to search that I hardly know where to start, and there's not
    enough hours in a lifetime, to go through them all. Although I can see
    the areas you list for your ancestors, it doesn't mean that the area is
    your research priority, because you've usually gotten that area checked
    already...I have printed in the last issues, that I would check out some
    areas, but I haven't received responses of "yes", or "no", so I feel I
    can give you a better newsletter if I just find what I can, and print it
    ....So, with this newsletter issue, I am changing the responses and will
    respond with information that I have already in my files, unless someone
    tells me they'd like a certain area, state, county, etc. checked. I feel
    this will give you more than just notes of not finding things,..(updates).
    If you don't feel this will help you all more, please do let me know! Lisa


[p. 5]

                         MINNESOTA  research, by Lisa

[photocopy of an atlas page for Lyon Co., Minnesota]

Above is Lyon County, Minnesota. Note where Lake Marshall Township is, and that the
city of Marshall is on the North border just inside Lake Marshall Twp.
An enlarged area of the city of Marshall is on the next page, and shows
where a C. C. WHITNEY lived.  However, in the history of Lyon County, it
referred to a C. H. WHITNEY. I'll give the information on the C. H. Whitney
on the next page, and hopefully time, (or possibly a reader!) will be able
to clarify the difference in the initials and the information on the map.
                                             (continued next page)

[p. 6]

      MINNESOTA  research, by Lisa, continued)

[photocopy of cadastral map of region of Marshall, Lyons Co., Minnesota.
 C. C. WHITNEY shown as owner of 80 acres, the east 1/2 of the southeast
 1/4 of Section 4, Lake Marshall Township, on the eastern edge of the
 town of Marshall.]

ABOVE: Marshall, Minnesota (Lyon County, Lake Marshall Township 111 North,
      Range 41 West)

The first permanent settlers arrived 1869 and took up claims. Among them was
C.H. WHITNEY, who, with others, had set out from Olmstead Co., Minnesota, on
the 1st day of May 1869. C. H. Whitney followed an Indian trail by the river,
to a point the Indians called "The Big Bend". This became the site where the
city of Marshall is.
Mr. Whitney's claim was just East of what is known as the Third Street Bridge
in Marshall. (Note where it says C.C. Whitney on map above). The claims were
filed at the land office 18 June 1869.
Mr. Whitney spent some time in Wisconsin the winter of 1869-1870, and return-
ed to Lyon County, MN on 1 June 1870. He has staked his claim on the South-
east corner of Section four.
Mr. Whitney secured the establishment of a post office situated on his claim,
17 October 1870.
In 1872, surveyors arrived to select a route for a railroad, and through the
efforts of C. H. Whitney, the station was built at Marsahll, MN.
NOTE: I have more on Lyon County, MN, such as other settlers who arrived with
this Whitney, and routes they took, etc. If anyone needs/wants further infor-
mation, please let me know and I'll print it for you...Lisa
I have more maps of Whitney homes places, and will put more in July issue..Lisa


[p. 7]

                   Q U E R I E S 

1) HENRY WHITNEY who lived at, and built mills at Southold, Long Island,
   in the 1640's, moved to Huntington, L.I. in 1658 and built a grist mill
   there, and had moved to Norwalk, CT by 1665, had a son John. Did he
   have any other children? Who ws his first wife (the mother of John)?
   Mary Alice Harvey, 1707 Jefferson St., Duluth, MN 55812-2030
   MARY ALICE;.....HOUSE OF GENEALOGY has the 3-volume lineage of HENRY
   WHITNEY,(listed above); and it doesn't give much more information than
   what you appear to have on the wives, etc.  It says: That Henry proba-
   bly died in the autumn of 173, but searching has failed to show any
   date, nor has anything been found to show anything of facts, on either
   of Henry's two wives, except that the second was a widow  KETCHAM, and
   that she was probably the one who survivied him.  In the previous sen-
   tence, where I wrote "two wives", it's all I've found listed so far. I
   am not aware (at this time) of any more than two.

   The information also says this Henry was born in England, about 1620,
   and that no records of him have been found prior to 8 Oct 1649 when
   he was buying land at Southold, L.I.

   On his wife listed above, (the widow Ketcham); it has these references:

      a) In an extract from court records, it mentions a SARA CECHUM, (in
         a complaint made by "Henary Whitne".

      b) "Sara Cechum" was probably the widow of Edward KETCHAM, of Strat-
         for, CT., (he died about 1655).

      c) That only fragments of Edward Ketcham's will remains, and it has
         a "Sarah" mentioned.

   As for the above-listed "complaint" made by HENRY WHITNEY, made on
   17 June 1660, to the court, it refers to it being (quote) "agaynst
   Josef WHITMOR, for steling of his daftars afections contray to her
   mothars mind and using unlafull menes to obtayne his daftars loue",..
   (Un-quote),..since Henry Whitney made the complaint, it appears there
   was a daughter, in this court record. (Huntington Court Records, page 23).

   When I re-read the above listed court record, it sometimes "appears"
   that it is in reference to Henry Whitney himself, in reference to him
   marrying Sarah Ketcham,..but I'm not sure of just what it does mean.

   In the next section of my volumes on this family, it lists "Chidren
   of Henry Whitney", and there is only a son JOHN WHITNEY listed. This
   John married 17 March 1674/75 to ELIZABETH SMITH, daughter of RICHARD
              (If you need/want the information on John and Elizabeth's
               children, please let me know, and I'll list it in the
               July newsletter. (Or if any other reader needs/wants it,
               please let me know)..Lisa

   Personally I feel there could be some discrepancies in just how old
   Henry Whitney's son John really was.  The records do point to him as
   "grown" by 1666, and bases that assumption on the following:

          "John Whitney, probably born before his father went to
          Southold by the fact that he was of full age before
          20 Jan 1665/6, is indicated by the following vote:"

          At a town meeting held 20 Jan 1665, granted unto JOHN
          WHITNEY, the son of Henry Whitney, (J)oines unto his
                                                     (continued next page)

[p. 8]


     (continued from previous page)

              father's home lott extending from the....Brow of the
              hill lying by the hi....weight Leading to the...2 Rodds
              ....cartpath by the sayd Falls.

   I personally leave room for possible discrepancies, in that I personally
   believe thta parents could have, and did, grant properties to their chil-
   dren, and/or other people's children (neices/nephews) that were not yet
   of grown age.  And it doesn't say specifically  that John Whitney was of
   age or grown, it only "indicates" an assumption of it being so...Lisa
   If any other readers have any other information on this particular HNERY WHITNEY
   or of any additional children other than a son JOHN WHITNEY, would you let
   Mary Alice know? And would you please send me the information so that it
   can be put in this publication for other Whitney researchers? Thanks! Lisa
2) Dear Lisa,..My great-grandmother was LURA WHITNEY, born in Iowa, who had
   brothers ans sisters I know nothing about.  Her parents were SAMUEL and
   LIZZIE T. Whitney.  She first married Lemuel OAKS, and they, and both of
   their parents all lived in South Dakota in the 1800's.  Lemuel OAKSdied,
   and she then married my great-grandfather Henry Thomas LORD. Henry had
   gone West to find and visit relatives, met Lura, came back to Michigan,
   then sent for her.  She came to Michigan with her two young boys and was
   married for the second time.

   I would live to hear from anyone with any information on my WHITNEY family.

   In 1860 this family is living in Fairfield, Walworth Co., WI.; in 1880, in
   Liberty Twp., Plymouth Co., IA, and after that, some went to South Dakota,
   and some stayed in Iowa.

   I know what happened to Lura, but what became of her parents and siblings
   after 1900? Thank you so much.

            WHITNEY, SAMUEL, b: ca: 1820
             (wife)  LUCRETIA T. b: ca: 1830 NY
                     SALLY b: ca: 1847 NY
                     ELECTRA b: ca: 1849 NY
                     JOSHUA b: ca: 1851 NY
                     SAMUEL b: ca: 1852 NY
                     MERCY b: ca: 1854 NY
                     JAMES A. b: ca: 1856 WI
                     CHARLES b: ca: 1858 WI
                     ELIZABETH b: ca: 1860 WI
                     GEORGE b: ca: 1862 WI
                     LURA b: 2 Oct 1864 in WI or IA

   LaRae M. Smith, 4132 Carlisle Hwy., Charlotte, Michigan, 48813
   LARAE:, Before July '97 issue of this newsletter, would you please let me
   know of what responses you have received that were positive, and what you
   still need, and I'll print whatever you still need yet. Also, I've not
   seen "Lizzie" used as a nickname for "Lucretia", did I print it correctly?
   I will be doing research on all states, so NY, WI, and Iowa information
   will be in future issues. In the meantime, I will check all the records I
   have in my files on you above listed names to see if any match up...Lisa


[p. 9]

                                                   QUERIES (continued)

    3) I am looking for any information about James Edwin BLANKENSHIP, born
       in Boydston, VA 1830.  Married #2 wife Margaret (Maggie) WHITNEY in
       Mississippi.  Wife #1 and several children died during Civil War. I
       would like to know more about his first wife. Family talk: She was a
       cousin, HILLSMAN/HILLESMAN.  Also, he taught at VMI in 1850. I'd like
       to know who his parents were. Just the slightest information would be
       helpful and would be appreciated...Jean Moore, 1723 W. Virginia,
       Chickasa, OK. 73018-5328; (405) 224-7482
       The above query was answered through my other newsletter, due to the
       focus of it being on James Blankenship's first wife. However, I have
       also put it in the Whitney newsletter so that all my Whitney readers
       and researchers may note the connection to a Whitney...If anyone doee
       need anymore information on the above people, please let me know..I'm
       not sure if I have the above specific "Margaret" in my records, but I
       do have a number of "Margaret's", and will print them if anyone needs

                   L E V I   W H I T N E Y

       For those of you researching LEVI WHITNEY, here is what I have on him:

1) Ann M. Johnson, Rt 1, Box 20, Hines, MN 56647;...Ann has a LEVI WARREN WHITNEY on her an-
   cestor chart; b 1808; d 1888; married to Martha BOHANMAH(?); no parents listed; downward
   descent is Levi's son WILLIAM B. WHITNEY; William's son HARRY ERVIN WHITNEY, Harry's son
   HANS WILLIAM WHITNEY; Ann has mentioned that she hasn't verified that Levi and Martha are
   the parents of William.

2) Maj. Lyman F. Barry, 9297 Shaw Town Line Rd, Nunda, NY, 14517; Maj. Barry's LEVI WHITNEY
   was b 25 May 1783 at Henniker, Merrimack, New Hampshire; d 29 June 1783 (infant); He was
   the son of JOSHUA WHITNEY, and Betty (Betsey) WOOD; Major Barry wrote me in June 1993
   and told me he was 92 years of age, and still very busy on his 80 acres in western NY.

3) Frances Molsberry, 7921 Waterfalls Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89128;..Frances says there is
   some indication that a LEVI WHITNEY,& his wife, Mary A. ( ? ) WHITNEY, could be parents
   of her JOHN B. WHITNEY.

4) LEVI WHITNEY, b 11 July 1757, Fairfield, Ct; died 24 Jan 1777; tradition says he was a
   solier in the Revolution.

5) LEVI WHITNEY, b: ca.: 1795 - 1800, in Otsego, NY; son of BENJAMIN WHITNEY and Ann Mercy
   (HARRIS) WHITNEY; had lived in Parish, NY, and went West; reportedly died "Grass Lake"
   Illinois/Michigan (?); married Amelia CHASE; father of several children who lived in Cana-
   da and Wisconsin April 1875; Was soldier in War of 1812.
         (There is a "Grass Lake" in Michigan)

6) LEVI WHITNEY, 16 Nov 1778 at Greenfield, CT; baptized there 21 Feb 1779; was a carpen-
   ter; married ca: 1809 at Greenfield, CT to Harriet SHERWOOD; in 1811 they were living in
   Philipstown, NY; bought 30 acres of land at the top of the mountain, and built the home
   they would live in until they both died, he on 15 Dec 1852 (age 74 years); and she, on
   28 May 1873 (in her 82nd year); buried Highlands Cemeter, located two miles Southwest
   of their house; Presbyterian Church members.

7) LEVI WHITNEY, is listed as being visited by his sister, SARAH WHITNEY about April 1821;
   Sarah was b: Greenfield, CT, and settled there; she was married 27 June 1820 to Moses

8) LEVI WHITNEY, is listed as being visited by his neice and her husband around 1835-1840,
   and since then that "nothing has been heard of them"; The neice was Priscilla SMITH,
   daughter of Hiram SMITH, and REBECCA (WHITNEY) SMITH: Priscilla's husband was Solomon
                                                          (More Levi's on page 10)

[p. 10]

             U P D A T E S

1) JOANN SCHIFELBEIN, 8924 West 10th St., Wichita, KS 67212:

   I now have the book of records on Medway, MASS, and it does list a
   JABEZ WHITNEY. But it only lists him as married to Experience FAIR-
   BANKS...It doesn't list his lineage,..the item lists the genealogy
   of Experience; her brothers/sisters names, some dates, her parents
   names, etc,..Do you need this information on her? If so, let me know
   and I'll print it for you (since she is a Whitney by marriage).. The
   index said Jabez was located on a certain page, I read and read the
   page and couldn't find his name, so looked under the pages listed
   for the surname Fairbanks, and found his name...Lisa
2) Nothing on MYRA (WHITNEY) REED has come into me yet, nor have I located anything
   on her. I will continue to watch for informationon her...Lisa

LEVI WHITNEY listings, (continued):

 9) LEVI TAYLOR WHITNEY, b: 30 April 1804 in Wolcott, VT; son of WILLIAM
    WHITNEY, and Sally (BATTERSON) WHITNEY; married 1 Jan 1826 Northampton,
    Mass, to Elizabeth Lyman CLARK of Northampton. He died 27 July 1847 Montpelier,
    Vermont, was buried there; she married (2nd) Ammi NICHOLS.

10) LEVI ST. CLAIR WHITNEY, b: 15 March 1811 in Morristown, Vermont;son of HEZEKIAH
    WHITNEY, and Polly (ST. CLAIR) WHINTEY; married 14 Dec 1834 to Clarissa JONES in
    Fairfield, New Jersey; Clarissa was born in Fairfield 6 March 1814.

11) LEVI RUSSELL WHITNEY, b: 20 Sept 1830, at Kent, New York; married 3 July 1852 in
    Patterson, New York, to Phila Jane BALLARD; she was b: 20 Jan 1836 at Lexington,
    New York.

12) LEVI WHITNEY, b: 5 Dec 1739; married Rebecca CLARK, and Mrs. Lydia (RANDALL) PRICE.
    Parents DANIEL WHITNEY, and Thankful (ALLEN) WHITNEY.

13) LEVI WHITNEY, b 6 May 1750; no birthplace listed; father was ABRAHAM WHITNEY, born
    8 Aug 1716; Abraham's father JOHN WHITNEY was one of the original proprietors of
    Paris, Maine in 1735; Abraham was given this land in 1771; Abraham's family resided
    in Watertown, MA; Levi's mother ws Tabitha ALLEN, b 26 Oct 1722.

14) LEVI WHITNEY, b 30 Nov 1759; died 2 Nov 1770; father was ABRAHAM WHITNEY (this Abra-
    ham was a son of another ABRAHAM WHITNEY); Levi's father, Abraham, was born at Stow,
    Mass., on 31 July 1724, and was married to Marcy PERRY on 19 Dec 1745; March (PERRY)
    WHITNEY was b 8 Oct 1726 in Sudbury, MA.

15) LEVI WHITNEY, b 23 June 1751; married Sarah LAURENCE, and Hepsibeth FAY; This Levi
    was the son of JONAS WHITNEY, b Harvard, MA; mother Zebudah DAVIS WHITNEY; Jonas and
    Zebudah were married 13 Sept 1750.

16) LEVI WHITNEY, b 30 August 1786; father was Capt. HEZEKIAH WHITNEY, b Harvard, Mass,
    on 14 April 1735; Hezekiah was married to Lydia __?__; and (2nd) to Lucy POLLARD
    on 5 May 1774.

17) LEVI WHITNEY, b 12 June 1751; died before 1771; father was JOSHUA WHITNEY who was
    the son of another JONATHAN WHITNEY; father was b Stow, MA, married 27 Nov 1746 to
    Sarah HOLT; resided Harvard, MA.

18) LEVI WHITNEY, b 25 May 1783; died 16 Oct 1785; father was JOSHUA WHITNEY who was b:
    26 April 1754, and was a Sgt. in the Revolutionary War; Joshua died 2 Feb 1835; the
    father was married 12 Nov 1777 to Betty WOOD; resided at Henniker, New Hampshire.

There isn't room to put all the listings I have, on Levi, so will put some more in the
July '97 issue.  If anyone need further information on any of the listed Levi's, please
let me know, as the listings have brothers/sisters, and other data....Lisa


[p. 11]

           L Y D I A   W H I T N E Y

1) I have located another researcher who is researching Philander CASTLE
   and LYDIA WHITNEY, but have not received an answer from her, in regards
   to publishing her name/address, information. If/when she responds, I'll
   print it for you.

2) LYDIA WHITNEY, b 3 July 1657; daughter of JONATHAN WHITNEY, and Lydia
   (JONES) WHITNEY.  This Lydia was born at Watertown (Middlesex, MA); she
   died 27 May 1724 at Sherborn, Middlesex, MA.

3) R. W. Dorsey, 5925 W. 78th St., Prairie Village, Kansas, 66108: Mr.
   Dorsey is researching LYDIA WHITNEY, his great-great-grandmother who
   was born 1806, in Maine; married Philander CASTLE 10 May 1827, Meigs
   County, Ohio. This Lydia died 1874, near Camp Point, Adams Co., Ill.

4) LYDIA WHITNEY, married Moses ADAMS 26 Oct 1654; resided in Holliston
   Mass. (Moses Adams died 1724).

5) LYDIA WHITNEY, (same as in No 2 above) is printed page 8, of the Jan
   1997 issue Whitney newsletter, it is listed on the descendant chart
   of JAMES WHITNEY, 2410 Prairie Rd, Madison, WI 53711. Parents are the
   same as listed No 2, above.

6) LYDIA WHITNEY, b 21 Oct 1753 at Stamford, CT; tradition says she was
   married toward the end of the Revolutionary War, to James McCONNELL,
   (also listed as CORNELL and McCORNER); she lived at Saratoga, New York,
   and lived there until around 1806/1807 when she was thrown from a
   sleigh, causing her fatal injuries.

7) LYDIA WHITNEY, b 5 Jan 1798 in Otsego, New York; married 12 Sept 1822,
   at Mexico, New York, to George Washington FINNEY: He was a blacksmith
   and farmer, b 23 June 1795, at Paris, NY; Went to California Dec 1859,
   where he died of abscess of the liver, 16 April 1865, at age 69 years,
   9 months, 23 days, Oakland, CA; Lydia resided in Oakland, CA in 1874.

8) MARY WHITNEY, listed as living with her sister, MRS. LYDIA WHITNEY
   FINNEY, at Haverhill, MA, and afterward at Rome, NY. Mary died 5 Nov
   18868, unmarried New York Mills, Oneida Co., NY.

9) LYDIA WHITNEY, married to Daniel MILLER; daughter of EZEKIEL WHITNEY,
   and Patience (BAILEY) WHITNEY. No dates listed for this Lydia, but her
   father was born Ridgefield, CT; his records burned, and other records
   show the father was at Ridgefield, Connecticut 17 Sept 1778 when he
   bought his brother's share of their father's land. (his brother was
   THOMAS WHITNEY, and their father was JAMES WHITNEY.. Ezekiel is also
   shown to be living in Dutchess Co. New York 15 April 1793. Ezekiel was
   "probably" born around 1755; none of the family knows dates of birth
   or death, but the census of 1840 reported him living with his son,
   DAVID WHITNEY, in Catskill, New York at the age of 90 years (which is
   seemingly too large).

10) LYDIA WHITNEY, b 25 Sept 1839 at Booneville, New York; died 1 Sept
    1847  New York Mills, New York, and was buried there. She was daugh-

    NEY; No dates listed for Lydia, but her father Moses wsa born ca: 1777
    at Warwick, New York; he was a farmer; married Phebe ca: 1800-1803 at
    Big Flats, New York. Moses and Phebe moved to Indiana 1814/1815.  He
    was a member of the Baptist Church. He died in 1834 at White Water, IND.

There are more listings in my files on Lydia Whitney, and I'll print
some more in July '97 Whitney newsletter. Please let me know if any of
you need more information on any of these families listed...Lisa


[p. 12]

        R E S E A R C H   B Y   L I S A

The following records are on Ohio:

1) Military records of Median Co., Ohio lists the following:

    a) J. B. WHITNEY, 166th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, enlisted 2 May 1864,
       died Sept. 1864, (Chatham Township).

    b) H. W. WHITNEY, Co. E, 166th Ohio National Guard. (Medina village
       and township).

2) History of Medina Co., Ohio lists the following:

    a) SALMON WHITNEY, listed as a member of the Congregational Church of
       Guilford; 13 April 1838.

    b) J. D. WHITNEY, signed a petition to the Board of Education referring
       to building a large school; he was listed as "Chairman", of the
       building commettee. (4 May 1867).

    c) BATHSHEBA WHITNEY, listed as member of Congregational Church of
       Guilford, 13 April 1838.

    d) W. N. EYLES, b 31 Jan 1838 in Wadworth Township, was married to
       Miss C. L. HARD, daughter of Dr. Hanson HARD, and ELIZABETH (WHITNEY)
       HARD, the latter of York state.  They had three children:
                     - Frederick William, b 4 Aug 1870
                     - Caroline M., b 14 Oct 1872
                     - Harry Hanson, b 10 Dec 1874

    e) Lanson GRAHAM, b 1818 in Brattleboro, Vermont; His father Caleb
       GRAHAM was married to LUCY WHITNEY, a native of Vermont. His parents
       came to Medina Co., Ohio, in 1819. (This entry lists the six children
       and their spouses (names only, no dates). If anyone needs these let
       me know, as they would be Lucy Whitney's grandchildren)

    f) J. M. BEACH, b 21 Feb 1821, Morgan Township, Ashtabula Co., Ohio;
       married Mrs. ANGELINE (WHITNEY) BROOKS, b in Connecticut; she was
       the daughter of SHUBAEL WHITNEY. She died 1858 leaving one child,
       Luman. (Chatham Township).

    g) Adelaide CLAPP, married to JOHN B. WHITNEY; she was a daughter of
       Luther and Hannah (JACKSON) CLAPP.

    h) J. D. WHITNEY, b 23 Feb 1827 Lewis Co. New York, the second of a
       family of four born to his parents, HIRAM WHITNEY, and Susan (STANTON)
       WHITNEY. Hiram was killed by a falling tree when James was a lad.
       On 1 Jan 1843 he was married to Rhoda SMITH, an adopted daughter of
       William JORDAN. His wife died April 1874 leaving three children:
            - Mary, now Mrs. S. H. MC CONNELL
            - Florilla, who married A. PECKHAM
            - James H.

       On 4 Jan 1876, he was married to Adeline WHITE, she was b 20 Sept
       1847 in Wayne Co. Ohio. There is one child by this marriage:
            - Delbert B.

    i) In an autobiography of W. A. COTNEER, it says (quote):

            ...W. A. was married one Christmas Day to Emeline WHITE,
            b in Wayne Twp, Wayne Co, daughter of William WHITE and
            Julia FETTERMAN WHITE; she was b in Northumberland Co.,
            PA in Feb 1821, daughter of Peter FETTERMAN; to them were
            born four children; Emeline, wife of W. A.; Malissa, Mrs.
            WHITNEY, Frances, Mrs. Eli COTNER...(Isn't that three
            children? The comma after "Malissa" she "Mrs. Whitney?).


[p. 13]

                                RESEARCH BY LISA (continued)
(Ohio records, continued)

j) In an autobiography of (Mrs) Louisa EDWARDS, it says:

        ..That she was a representative of the ST. JOHN family,
        who were among the early settler of Westfield Twp., in
        Medina Co., Ohio. The ST. JOHN's, including the WHITNEY
        family have a very extensive family history written up
        which gives an account of the family for nearly 300
        (three hundred) years. The St. John's are from Eastern
        There's not many dates listed; it says Mrs. Edwards
        was married to John Edwards in 1857. It also says that
        "Mrs St. John, the mother of Mrs. RICHARDS, was born
        in Vermont 29 Sept 1802, and came to this state in 1828".
              (The listed dates are in reference to a time frame)

3) Ohio Marriages:

    a) JAMES WHITNEY, and Ruth GREENE, by S. P. ROBBINS,
       Washington Co., 14 Nov 1807

    b) JOHN WHITNEY, and Sarah CHAPMAN, by Sam'l BEACH, J.P.,
       Washington Co., 1 March 1821

    c) THOMAS WHITNEY, and Marea EMMERY, by Isaac COOK, J.P.,
       Ross Co. 12 July 1804

    d) THOMAS WHITNEY, and Artimacy PRESTON, by Wm. RAND, J.P.,
       Washington Co., 21 October 1820

    e) SOPHRONIA WHITNEY, and Edmund BURR, Trumbull Co.
       28 July 1846

    f) POLLY WHITNEY, and Nathan CHAPMAN, Trumbull Co.
       15 Dec 1806

    g) SARAH MARIAH WHITNEY, and Lemuel THAIRE, Trumbull Co.
       10 October 1819

    h) B. D. WHITNEY, and Mrs. A. JONES, Trumbull Co., 25 Feb 1857

    i) PIERPONT WHITNEY, and Calfrona BURDICK, Trumbull Co.
       5 December 1832

    j) SHELDON WHITNEY, and Mrs. Katherine OSWALT, Trumbull Co.
       29 August 1852


4) Trumbull Co., Ohio Family and Bible Records:

    a) FREER family lists a MABEL WHITNEY, who died while still in
       Seneca Co., N.Y. (Right above her name is listed William D.
       FREER, b 4 July 1806 Seneca Co., NY; married before May 1825;
       then has Mabel's name underneath his, so that could be her

    b) Another entry says William D. FREER was married to MABEL
       WHITNEY first, then he married Eliza COVERT.

    c) SWAIN Bible records list a NEWEL WHITNEY married to Amanda
       SWAIN, 13 Oct 1832, Conneaut, Ohio; Amanda was b 18 July 1816,
       and died 28 September 1844 Conneaut, Ohio.

                                   (continued next page)

[p. 14]

    RESEARCH BY LISA (continued)

(Trumbull Co. Ohio records, cont'd)

    d) In FAUNCE family records, it says:

            "Daniel FAUNCE, b. 4 March 1808, Plympton, (Carver) MASS;
             died 27 Feb 1861, aged 53 years; buried Hillside Cemetery,
             Cortland, Ohio;..Charlotte COBURN, no birthdate liste;
             died 10 September 18876; married 18 May 1830; daughter of
             Asher COBURN, and ESTHER WHITNEY COBURN (both living in
             Cortland, Ohio in 1850.  He was age 80, b in CT; she was
             age 82, b in MA. Charlotte was b NY, died Cortland, Ohio,
             aged 64 years, 1 month, 10 days"

       This item lists the children of Charlotte and Daniel, which are
       WHITNEY descendants,..if anyne wants these names, let me know
       and I will print them...Lisa


5) In reserach of Shelby Co. Ohio, the following were found:

      a) THOMAS J. WHITNEY, b: Logan Co., Ohio, 8 October 1851; resided
         at Shelby Co. OH; died 1 June 1885, age 33; buried Lot/Section
         61-F, Glen Cemetery, a large cemetery in Salem Twp, located
         along SR-47 just SW of Port Jefferson.

      b) JOHN WHITNEY, born Royalton, Wisconsin, 10 March 1881; resided
         Sidney, Ohio; died 9 Sept 1950, age 69; Buried Lot/Section 67-7
         in Graceland Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Shelby Co, and
         is located Southern limits of Sidney, on West side of County Rd
         25-A; established 1867.

      c) IDA T. WHITNEY, b 27 Sept 1892, no place of birth listed; she
         resided at Sidney, Ohio; died 13 Dec 1967, age 75; Buried in
         Lot/Section 67-7 in Graceland Cemetery, (location listed in
         #b above).


6) From listings of Ohio Cemeteries:

      a) ABIGAIL WHITNEY, d 9 Dec 1878; age 70 years, 5 months, 28 days.

      b) ABIGAIL WHITNEY, 1844 - 1845.

      c) STEPHEN WHITNEY, 1839 - 1845.

   These listings are listed as in Wright Cemetery, in Loramie Twp., at
   intersection of Houston - Hardin - andPampel Rds...Listings are in
   the listings for Clermont, Knox, and Washington Counties, (Ohio), so
   I'm not sure just exactly where this cemetery is located. If anyone
   knows, would you please advise me? Otherwise, later on, I'll try to
   pinpoint the exact county from the archives.


7) From Shelby Co. Ohio Births, Book 1, 1867 - 1880:

     a) EARLE WHITNEY, birth listed book 1, page 133; No. 38; date of
        birth 19 January 1878; birthplace was Salem Township; male; white,
        father was THOMAS WHITNEY; mother was Mary CONSOLVER; parents
        resided in Salem Twp.


Just a note to those who asked, yes, I passed state board, and am now a
Registered Nurse after being an LPN for 10 years..Thanks for asking!..Lisa


[p. 15]

                                   (RESEARCH BY LISA) continued)

  (Ohio Records, continued)

8) From Richland Co., Ohio Abstracts of Wills 1813 - 1873):

     a) This item says WHITNEY in the index, and says WHITNAH on the
        item, which is:  Robert BURNS of Jefferson Twp., Richland Co.,
        Ohio, left some land in Jackson County, Michigan, to his
        granddaughter, Margaret LEEDY, (nee WHITNAH). Has date on left
        side of entry of 20 January 1841; has date on right 18 Feb 1843.

     b) LUCY WHITNEY, to her daughters Easter, Mary, Hannah, Sally, Ann
        and Lucretia, land now occupied by GEORGE WHITNEY, in Sharon Twp.
        (notation says names didn't have a comma between them, so may not
        be correct):
        To each son, $5.00 paid by daughters.
        Executors: John MACK, and Jay SMILEY.
        Witnesses: John and Henry O. MACK. (6 Oct 1845 and 23 April 1847)

     c) Isaac MARVIN; his will says in part..."To children of deceased
        daughter Maranda, wife of JONATHAN WHITNEY, nothing further,
        since their parents had received their shares previously."
        (11 August 1850 and 18 Oct 1850)

     d) ESTHER M. WHITNEY, listed as a witness in the will of Susan
        ORTON; (dates of 25 Jan 1856 and 27 March 1856)

     e) Dennis ORTON, of Sharon Twp; lists in hiw will that MARY ESTER
        WHITNEY gets $250.00 "for her services with us in taking care
        of me and Susan". (dates of 31 May 1856 - 10 Oct 1856)

     f) HENRY WHITNEY; will says:
          - To wife SARAH, all kitchen and household furniture, cow,
        other "personalty", for comfort or convenience, $60.00 per year.
        At time of marriage she had about $400.00, $150.00 is in notes
        drawn in her own name. Testator has given her $105.00, and be-
        queaths another $145.00, so as to make in all $400.00. She is
        to have use of subdivision 9, section 8, township 22, range 19,
        lying East of Gamble Street in Shelby.

          - To daughters ESTHER MARY, HANNAH, SARAH ANN, LUCRETIA, $500.
        previously given to them by will of testator's first wife, their

        $500.00.  Last two named to receive $100.00 less, it being given
        previously. This to make children each have equal shares of estate.

          - To children, residue of estate equally.

        Executrix: Wife, SARAH WHITNEY; Witnesses, W. R. BRICKER and
        Jay SMILEY.
        (dates of 10 Sept 1862 and 12 April 1864)

     g) Record says these people in it died intestate; (without a will);
        included was a George MOREHEAD, one of the appraisers was a
        HENRY WHITNEY. (dated 2 Sept 1822).


When you send in charts, FGS's, or other items for printing, would you
you please put your name and address on the front so when it's printed
in the newsletter, your name/address will show, so other readers will
be able to write to you. Thanks..Lisa


[p. 16]

       M I N N E S O T A  research  by  Lisa

1) JOSEPH WARREN WHITNEY, b. Lawrence, MA 7 March 1880; son of CHARLES C.
   WHITNEY, and Nellie JOHNSON. sons Charles D., J. Warren; daughter Bar-
   bara; educated Marshall High School 1896, and Minnesota Business Coll-
   ege; married George BELLINGHAM 14 May 1915, Marshall; in charge of the
   Minnesota exhibits at St. Louis World's Fair; 1907-1912 was employed in
   sales Remington Typewriter Co. Portland, ORE; 1912-1936 owner and pub-
   lisher News Messenger, Marshall; 1936-1938 farmer Lyon Co; in 1938 he
   started managing the Country Club; during Spanish-American War, 1898
   member 12 and 14th MN regiment; Ancient Free & Accepted Masons; Royal
   Arch Mason; Knights Templar; Episcopal Church; hobby was hunting; Repub;
   resided at Route 2, Marshall. (Lyon County, Minnesota)

2) HENRY G. WHITNEY, b 7 May 1888, Currie, Minnesota; son of BYRON H.
   WHITNEY, and Emma F. WADLEIGH; educated Slayton High School 1905, and
   Nichols Billage College, St. Paul, U. of Minn. 1914-1916, study of law
   under father's instruction, attorney; general office work Northern Paci-
   fic Railroad, and Peter SIEMS & Co. railroad contractors Minn and North
   Dakota; 1911-1914 employed in general office Porter Brothers railroad
   contractors, Missouri; 1919-1925 with father-in-law office, Slayton; In
   1925 was admitted to Minnesota Bar and practiced law, Slayton; In 1929
   admitted to practice U.S. courts; 1935 - 1938 Murray Co. attorney; Was
   member U.S. Army during World Ward 1917-1919; limited service including
   chief clerk Murray Co. draft board, Minn: 13th Judicial district and
   Minnesota state Bar Association; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Civic and
   Commerce Association; Slayton Golf and County Club; Ancient Free and
   Accepted Masons 199, Master; Presbyterian Church; Republican; hobby was
   Whitney home; his father practiced law in Murray Co. until his death in
   1926; Henry's office and residence was in Slayton. (Murray Co., Minnesota).

3) ELMER E. WHITNEY, b 26 April 1861, Princeton, Minnesota; son of BENJAMIN
   F. WHITNEY, and Mary Ellen KUDER; educated Princeton; married 21 Jan 1881
   to Cora E. NEELY, Princeton, (deceased); sons Charles O., Ralph D., and
   Ben R.; daughters Maude E., (Mrs. Fred BURRELL); Jennie, (Mrs. A. NELSON);
   Stella (deceased); Mary (deceased); Madge (Mrs. William PETERSON (de-
   ceased); 1874-1877 employed by father in feed mill & wagon shop, Prince-
   ton; 1877-1900 carpenter Princeton; worked for Great Northern Railway
   one year, from Minot to coast; 1900-1909 owner/operator saw mill located
   Princeton; 1909-1916 Owner/operator of Whitney Lumber Co. Princeton; Was
   manager 1917-1935 Rum River Lumber Co. Princeton, and from 1924 worked
   as carpenter at Princeton; Manager Princeton Starch Co. 15 years; Mayor
   for one year at Princeton; member village council four years; Member of
   Water-Light & Building Commission Princeton; Member school board for 18
   years; Mille Lacs County Commissioner one term; Commissioner of Commun-
   ity Club, past member; Macabees, Princeton; IOOF; Sons of Union Veterans,
   General Custer Camp, Princeton; Republican; resided Princeton, (Mille Lac

4) CASPER E. WHITNEY, b 3 October 1898, Nashua, New Hampshire, son of JAMES
   O'DELL WHITNEY, and Harriet INGHAM; educated at Derry N.H. High School,
   and Dartmouth College, BA in 1924; Married Lillian Beatrice GRAYHURST on
   4 April 1928, North Attleboro, MA; daughters Nancy Ellen, and Elizabeth;
   1926-1926 experimental sales work, also selection and training of salesmen
   for L. G. BALFOUR Co, Attleboro, MA; 1926 was with N.W. Bell Telephone
   Co, Minneapolis, chief clerk to general commercial superintendent; secre-
   tary to general manager, district traffic supervisor, 1935 was directory
   sales manager; NW Alumni Association of Darmouth College, secretary; Ad-
   vertising Club, Chairman membership Committee; Edina Civic and Commerce
   Association; St. John's Episcopal Church, past vestryman; Republican;
   hobby, music; office was in Telephone Building; resided at 6501 Girard
   Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN. (Hennepin County, Minnesota).
                                              (continued next page)

[p. 17]

                                  (MINNESOTA reserach, by Lisa (continued)

5) NATE J. WHITNEY, b. 30 June 1887, Albert Lea, Minnesota, son of DUDLEY
   M. WHITNEY, and Anna J. STENRUD; educated at Albert Lea, MN; married
   Stella V. PETERSON 24 Sept 1919, Albert Lea; 1904-1906 with PETERSON
   Co. Surveyors, office at Albert Lea; 1906-1912 assistant of William A.
   MORIN, Albert Lea; 1912-1935, manager Morin Properties Albert Lea and
   Freeborn County; 1919-1934 Trust Officer First National Bank, Albert
   Lea; 1934 secretary-treasurer and manager Freeborn Co. Abstract Co;
   1934 owner of N. J. WHITNEY Trust Service; Chamber of Commerce; Rotary
   charter member; Nine years secretary Freeborn Co. Fair Association;
   past secretary Freeborn Co. Duroc Breeders Associaton, and Freeborn
   Co. Guernsey Breeders Association, Albert Lea Shipping Association;
   First secretary Freeborn Co. Farm Bureau; past secretary SHORELAND's
   Inc.; past committeeman troop one; (BSA=boy Scouts of America or Bachelor's)
   past recording secretary YMCA, Director: Albert Lea Country Club;In
   Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; Royal Arch Mason; Knights Templar;
   Shrine; Royal Arcanum; Episcopal Church; member of vestry; Republican;
   hobbies: hunting, golf, bowling, home workshop, flowers; office was at
   336 South Broadway, residence at 603 Water, Albert Lea. (Freeborn Co.,

6) DANIEL ESTEY WHITNEY, b. 21 October 1879, Clearwater, Stearns County,
   Minnesota; son of CALVIN B. WHITNEY, and Mary F. HEATON; educated at
   St. Cloud High School 1898, and Hamline University 1898-1900, and the
   University of Minnesota 1900-1902; married Ina R. SHERIDAN 1 May 1917
   Brainerd; 1903-19094 employed in HUME & DAVIES Undertaking Company at
   Minneapolis; 1904 licensed embalmer; 1905-1907 mortician NOBLE & CALEF
   Co, St Cloud; 1907-1909 mortician LOSEY & DEAN Morticians, Brainerd,
   established 1887; 1910 owner/operator D. E. WHITNEY Funeral Chapel,
   Brainerd; 1910 also picture and art business; 1918-1938 Crow Wing Co.
   Coroner; Minnesota State and National Funeral Directors Associations;
   Crow Wing County Floral Society, past president; Crow Wing Co. Histor-
   ical Society; Civic and Commerce Assocation; Rotary, charter member
   and past president; IOOF; Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, past mas-
   ter; Royal Arch Mason, past high priest; Knights Templar, past comman-
   der; Zuhrah Shrine, life member; Congregational Church, trustee since
   1919, deacon since 1923; hobbies: flower gardening, hunting, pictures,
   color photography; office at Front and Broadway, residence at 519 N.
   Bluff, Brainerd, Minnesota. (Crow Wing County, Minnesota).

7) WHEELOCK WHITNEY, b 28 August 1894, son of ALBERT G. WHITNEY, and
   Alice WHEELOCK, St. Cloud, Minnesota; educated St. Cloud High School
   1911, and Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 1913; Bachelor of Science
   Yale University 1916; Phi Sigma Kappa; married Katherine KIMBALL on
   7 Jan 1922, Portland Maine; sons: Wheelock, Jr., and John Kimball;
   daughter Sally Lucille, (no comma between the names, so must be on
   daughter); 1916 and 1919-1922 treasurer St. Cloud Public Service Co;
   1922 farmer and real estate agent in father's Co. of A. G. WHITNEY
   Land & Loan Company; 1924 with St. Cloud Public Service, became Nor-
   thern States Power C, 1924 division manager St. Cloud; Director of
   Greyhoud Corp., Chicago; Vice-president Central Bargo Co., Chicago;
   Director Srpingfield St. Railway Co., Springfield, Mass; Director of
   Eastern Michigan Transportation Co., Detroit, Mich; during World War
   enlisted in U.S. Army April 1917, 151st field artillery brigade, was
   commissioned 2nd lieutenant, Officer's Training Camp; commissioned
   Captain Fort Snelling, Camp Dodge, Iowa; overseas six months; 339th
   field artillery, battalion adjutant, discharged Feb 1919; American
   Legion; Junior Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce; Kiwanis;
   St. Cloud County Club, past president; Benevolent of Protective Order
   of Elks; Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; Knights Templar; Republi-
   can; Prebyterian Church;  (continued on the next page)


[p. 18]

   (WHEELOCK WHITNEY) research by Lisa, continued) (MINNESOTA)

   -hobbies: hunting, tennis; parents pioneers of Minnesota; father past
   president St. Cloud Public Service Company, and real estate agent; office
   at Northern States Power Co, resided 706 4th Avenue S., St Cloud, Minnesota.
   (Stearns County, Minnesota).

8) WALTER CLEVELAND WHITNEY, b. 9 Sept 1893, Minneapolis, Minnesota; son of
   WILLIAM R. WHITNEY, and Sophia KETTLEMANN; educated North high School, 1912
   Minneapolis, and University of Minn. 1913; Northern Ill. School of Optome-
   try 1915; married Ruth Josephine JOHNSON, 16 March 1918, Minneapolis, Minn;
   daughters Dorothy Jane, Charlene Sara; 1915-1918 traveling representative
   for WALMAN Optical Co., wholesale Optical business, Minn; 1918 final inspec-
   tor for RIGGS Optical Co., Omaha, Nebraska 10 months; 1919-1929 owner and
   operator optical department of E. C. GROSS Jewelry Store, Litchfield; 1929-
   jeweler and optometrist, Litchfield; during World War enlisted in U.S.Army
   1918 Camp Hancock, Augusta, Georgea, in optical instrument corps of U.S.
   ordinance dept, overseas July 1918; discharged from Camp Dodge July 1919;
   American Legion Post 104; Minnesota state and american Optometric Associa-
   tions; Litchfield Civic and Commerce Association; Litchfield Golf Club,
   past director; Order of Easter Star 17, past patron; Ancient Free and Ac-
   cepted Masons 89, past master 2 years; Royal Arch Mason 39; York Rite;
   Knights Templar; Zuhrah Shrine; Presbyterian Church; hobbies: hunting, golf,
   Office 227 Sibley Avenue N.; resided Litchfield. (Meeker County, Minn.).

9) RICHARD W. WHITNEY, b 5 January 1900, Stewartville, Minnesota; the son of
   RALPH W. WHITNEY, and Caroline RICHARDS; educated Stewartville; Rochester
   High School 1919; University of Minnesota; married Kathryn M. KIEFER on
   27 June 1925 Antigo, Wisconsin; sons: Richard W. Jr., and John F.; daugh-
   ter Barbara J.; 1920 engineers' helper for BUTLER Brothers Iron Mine, -
   Cooley; 1922 ore inspector at washing plant; 1924 plant foreman; 1927 was
   assistant chief engineer; 1933 superintendent; 1937 general superintendent;
   American Institute of Miners; Engineers Club of Northern Minn., past direc-
   tor 1939; Nashwauk Commercial Club; past member headwaters council; Swan
   Lake Country Club, charter member and board member since 1931; Ancient Free
   and Accepted Masons 331; Isaak Walton, past member; Episcopal Church; was
   Republican, past county delegate Republican Party several times; hobbies:
   golf and hunting; Office at Bulter Brothers Mine, Cooley; resided Nashwauk.
   (Itasca County, Minnesota). (Also says BSA, which says either Boy Scouts of America
   or Bachelor of Science in Agriculture).


          OAKLAND CEMETERY, ST. PAUL, MINNSOTA 1853 - 31 MAY 1871

1) ELIZA J. WHITNEY, age 41 years; interred 23 Apr1l 1866; parents from Phillips, Maine;
   single female; died St. Paul, Minn., of general debility (weakness of tonicity in the
   functions, or, organs of the body).

2) ARTHUR E. WHITNEY, died of congestion at St. Paul, Minn; male; son of CHAS. T. WHITNEY;
   interred 25 March 1865; age 11 months; parents from St. Paul, Minn.

3) JULIA / CHARLES / CLARENCE WHITNEY: three children of CHAS. T. WHITNEY; all died 1863;
   no ages given; parents from St. Paul, Minn; no death place listed, and no death cause

4) SARAH WHITNEY, female; one day old; died 22 May 1871; interred 23 May 1871; parents
   from St. Paul, Minn; died at St. Paul, Minn; cause listed as "unknown".

5) CHARLES T. WHITNEY, married; male; died of pulmonary consumption (tuberculosis); was
   48 years of age; parents from Phillips, Maine; died at St. Paul, Minn; interred on
   3 Nov 1865.
                                                      (continued next page)

[p. 19]

                     MINNESOTA research continued, Oakland Cemetery)

6) MABEL WHITNEY, infant daughter of JOEL WHITNEY; stillborn; female; died at St.
   Paul, Minn; interred 12 August 1866.

7) ELIAB WHITNEY, married; male; 37 years old; parents from Maine; died 2 Feb 1868
   at St. Paul, Minn.; cause of death "liver"; interred 5 Feb 1868.


1) ADA L. WHITNEY, single female; age 19 years; daughter of late ELIAH
   WHITNEY, parents from Minnesota; died 21 January 1878; interred on
   23 January 1878. (Book 1, page 75, entry 9)

2) ELSIE A. WHITNEY, wife of JOEL E. WHITNEY; age 44 years; parents
   origin not listed; married; female; died 30 July 1876; cause of death
   was abscess of lungs; interred 2 August 1876. (Book 1, page 67, entry
   number 12).



1) HENRY PAYSON WHITNEY, 5 Sept 1820 - 10 Oct 1896
   -Margaret HALL, (indicates his wife); 21 May 1824 - 25 Oct 1915

2) Geo SAVAGE,(family); Co. F-11, Mich Inf (Gar)
   -AGNES (WHITNEY) SAVAGE, died 13 June 1940; widow of George.
   - Charles M., 1880 - 1962.
   - Lucy B., 1883 - 1977.



1) MARY WHITNEY, age 1 years; died Dec, born MN; page 1; Goodhue Co. Minn.

2) SARAH WHITNEY, age 2 years; died Feb; born MN; page 2, Olmstead Co. MN



1) WARD J. WHITNEY, white, male, age 7 months; died in May; cause of
   death, bronchitis; phisician was F. ARMITAGE. Mille Lacs Co., Minn.


              M I S C E L L A N E O U S

1) Mc Leod County, Minnesota; in Collins; is Lake WHITNEY, named for a
   pioneer farmer.

2) In Mille Lacs co., Minnesota; there's WHITNEY brook; named for an
   early lumberman.



1) MARY WHITNEY, died 11 July 1880; aged 60 years. (Washington County).

2) ADELINE A. WHITNEY, wife; 1829 - 15 July 1894. (Washington County).


In the Monogalia Co., Minnesota Deed Book A, 1858 - 1868, there is a
J. C. WHITNEY, witness to a Quit Claim deed 15 July 1867, between Henry
WELLES / Jerusha WELLES and Eugene WILSON; filed 5 August 1867.

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1) C. WHITNEY, Section 23; Burnside Township, Goodhue Co., Minnesota.
   (I have a plat map of this entry and will put it in July's issue, as
   there isn't room here)...Lisa

2) Oakwood Cemetery, Olmsted County, MN; located East Center St and 7th
   Ave., Rochester, Minn:

            a) ADELBERT J. WHITNEY, Section 3B, Row 2

            b) Elsie (HILL) WHITNEY, Section 3B, Row 2

            c) MORRIS D. WHITNEY, Section 3B, Row 2

            d) PANSY L. WHITNEY, Section 3B, Row 2

            e) Sarah W. (STORRS) WHITNEY, Section 2C, Row 7

            f) RODNEY WHITNEY, Section 2C, Row 7

3) Dr. HARRY E. WHITNEY, headmaster of Shattuck for more than 50 years,
   owned the largest island on Cedar Lake, and used it for a summer school
   camping grounds about 1917. Mrs. G. R. KINGHAM is a daughter of Dr.
   Whitney. (Rice County, Minnesota).

4) Reportedly, there's a portrait of HARRY A. WHITNEY, headmaster of Shattuck
   from 1874 - 1926, in Buckham Memorial Library. The article refers to
   Faribault, Minnesota.


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