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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fifth Generation.
descendants that he married Patience Bailey, of Danbury, Conn., and
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after living for some years at, or near, Danbury, moved into Dutchess Co., N.Y.; and finally to Saugerties, Ulster Co., N.Y., where she died, 2 Sept. 1832, aged 68 years, and was buried in Saugerties Cemetery. He afterward went to live with his son, David Whitney, on the "Kauters Kill," in Catskill, N. Y., about five miles west of Catskill Village, where he died, aged 98 years, 6 months, and 12 days, and was buried on his son's farm, in a private cemetery. His family-record was destroyed many years ago, in the burning of the light-house at Saugerties Creek, of which he was the keeper.

He served in the Revolutionary War, and enjoyed a pension for his service. He was probably born about 1755; but none of the family have been able to give the date of his birth or death. The census of 1840 reported him as living with his son, David Whitney, in Catskill, at the age of ninety years, which appears to be too large.

194 III. Mary Whitney, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., date not found; had a share of her father's estate, distributed 20 June 1763; married, 27 Feb. 1777, at Ridgebury, Conn., by Rev. Samuel Camp, pastor of the Congregational Church at Ridgebury, to Silas Pearce, "of Philips Patent," N.Y. They were living at Danbury, Conn., 17 Sept. 1778, and in Southeast, Dutchess Co., N.Y., 6 May 1783. She is again mentioned, 13 Aug. 1793, as Mary Dickens.

Chil. of David and Rachel (Keeler) Osborn. 30

195 I. Richard Osborn, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 4 Aug. 1727; and probably died young, as his name does not appear in the distribution of his father's estate, 6 Ap. 1758, in which his brother, David Osborn, was called the eldest son.
196 II. David Osborn, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 25 Sept 1729; a farmer; married Hannah Mead,1 sister of Joseph Mead, and settled, before 4 Feb. 1768, at Starr's Plain, in the west part of Danbury, Conn., where his grandson, Richard Osborn, lived in 1875. He married (2d), Abiah Wilson, dau. of Benjamin and Deborah (Bennet) Wilson,2 of Ridgefield, and widow of Nathaniel Selleck. She was born at Ridgefield, 4 March 1740-41, and died there, 14 Feb. 1832, aged nearly 91 years, though the town-record called her age 94 years. He died in the Spring of 1807, at 835
  1 Her name is also reported as Sarah and Eunice.
  2 Benjamin Wilson married, 2 June 1737, at Ridgefield, Deborah Bennett. She had a second husband, named Stuart, and died before 10 Feb. 1796.
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