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This family originated with John Whitney of Gorsington, whose son inherited Clifford through his marriage.[1] Although John's parentage is not conclusively known, we do know that "this Branch bore the same Arms as Whitney of Whitney, with a Crescent for Difference",[2] so it is almost certain that they descended from a younger son of the Whitneys of Whitney. In addition, according to heraldic cadency, a crescent was traditionally used to differentiate the arms of the second son from those of his elder brother.[3] Robert Whitney of Whitney had a second son named John who was just about the correct age to be the same as John Whitney of Gorsington.

Primary Male Lineage

Related Branches

Primary Holdings

  • Inherited by Eustace Whitney, of Gorsington, Esq., and his heirs from his wife -----, the daughter and heir of William Vaughan, the tyrant of Clifford.


External Resources

See: 'Blanche Parry Queen Elizabeth I's Confidante' by Ruth E. Richardson, published Logaston Press 2007.

Also: www.blancheparry.com [4]... and Wikipedia on (1) Blanche Parry and (2) Blanche Herbert Lady Troy.

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