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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.
7018 IV. Charlotte Munger, b. at Stockton, N. Y., 17 Oct. 1839; married Edward Richmond; and was living at Stockton in Sept. 1877, a teacher of instrumental music.
7019 V. Jared Whitney Munger, b. at Stockton, N. Y., 27 Jan. 1846; married, 3 Oct. 1871, Alice Lord; and was living at Stockton in Sept. 1877, with one child.

Chil. of Samuel and Charlotte (Mills) Whitney. 2334

7020 I. Jared Whitney, b. on the Whitney homestead, in Kirkland, N. Y., 13 Aug. 1833; a farmer; married, 27 Sept. 1854, by Rev. Mr. Tuttle, Presbyterian, of Deansville, N. Y., to Mary Elizabeth Miller, who was born in Augusta, in the house where she was married, 2 May 1837, dau. of Morris Samuel and Lucinda (Wood) Miller. They lived in Augusta for six years; and then moved to Kirkland, near Deansville post-office, where they dwelt in 1874. 14670
7021 II. Mary Whitney, b. in Kirkland, N. Y., 6 Aug. 1835; died there, 9 Oct. 1835, and was buried in the Whitney Cemetery.
7022 III. Nancy Ann Whitney, b. in Kirkland, N. Y., 25 Sept. 1837; a milliner; lived in Rochester, N. Y., in 1874, unmarried.

Child of David Husted and Lydia Eliza (Lapham) Whitney. 2337

7023 I. Ella Angeline Whitney, b. in Marshall, N. Y., 2 Nov. 1858; and lived there, with her father, in 1874.

Child of Lyman and Sabra (Whitney) Tuttle. 2339

7024 I. Helen Aurelia Tuttle, b. in Camden, N. Y., 14 Oct. 1838; graduated in the female department of Oberlin College, in 1860; married in Camden, 20 Oct. 1864, by Rev. Mr. Franklin, Presbyterian, to Samuel Cook Hotchkiss, a farmer, whose parents lived in Whiteford, Michigan. He was born at Harpersfield, Ohio, 20 Sept. 1826, son of Anson and Chloe Gilbert (Cook) Hotchkiss. They lived in Washington, D. C., for nearly eight years after marriage; and in 1872, settled in Whiteford, close to the border of Ohio, where they were living in 1874. 14674
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