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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
he called himself of "the County of Serry Togue and State of New York." He lived, in the latter part of his life, with his son Ezra, at, or near, Johnstown, New York. He is known to have visited his son Samuel, in Paris, now Kirkland, Oneida Co., N.Y., about 1797, when he was eighty yeears old, but neither the place nor the date of his death, or that of his second wife, have been reported; but she died first.
26 V. Betty Whitney, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 7 Nov. 1718; married, 25 Jan. 1741/2, at Ridgefield, Daniel Smith1, son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Collins) Smith, of Ridgefield, where he was born 6 Oct 1719. They settled in Ridgefield, and there died; she, 13 Oct. 1798, "aged 79 years, 11 months, and 6 days"; he, 22 Aug. 1799, "aged 80 years." In the record of her death, he was called "Daniel Smith, 2d," and in that of his death, "Mr. Daniel Smith." 165
27 V. Daniel Whitney, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 4 Ap. 1720, though the record says 1719; a farmer; married, 8 Aug. 1741, in Ridgefield, Thankful Burt, who was born in Ridgefield, 1 Sept. 1721, dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (Belden) Burt.2 They settled in Ridgefield; their residence there can be traced by the births of their children to the latter part of the year 1752, and by deeds, almost continuously from 1744 to 1760. He joined with his four brothers in dividing their father's estate, 28 March 1744; divided the homestead with his brother John, 4 Ap. 1745, he taking the north half; deeded his land to his four brothers, and took deeds from them, 18 Ap. 1750; had land laid out to him by the proprietors, 23 Feb. 1750-51; bought and sold land, 30 March 1752; sold his house and land to Vivus Dauchy, 14 March 1753; had land laid out, 26 June 1753; sold all of his common and undivided land to Rev. Jonathan Ingersol, 24 Feb. 1757; bought seven acres of land at Blacksmith Ridge, 5 March 1757; joined, 24 May, 1759, with his wife, Thankful Whitney, and her brothers and sisters, Christopher Burt, Daniel Burt, Seaborn Burt, and Sarah Cornwell, of Ridgefield, and Benjamin Burt, of Warwick, 174
                          JOHN SMITH, of Milford, Conn., 1640; = GRACE HAWLEY, m. in Milford, 1642; joined
                            freeman, 1669; d. Nov. 1684.       |   church, 1642; d. 1689 or 1690
                       JOHN SMITH, b. at Milford, 27 Aug. 1646; m. = PHEBE CANFIELD, dau. of Thomas Canfield,
                         at Milford, 23 Jan. 1672-3; d. 1733.      |   d. at Milford, 3 May 1730.
                   EBENEZER SMITH, b. at Milford, Conn., 31 March 1683; = SARAH COLLINS, m. at Milford, 3 Jan. 1710-11;
                     d. at Ridgefield, 4 Nov. 1744, in 61st year.       |   d. at Ridgefield, 16 March 1760.
                                                 DANIEL SMITH = BETTY WHITNEY (16).
2 See pedigree, opposite page 28.
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