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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.

Chil. of Benjamin and Maria (Whitney) Weeks. 549

1864 I. Anna Matilda Weeks, b. at New Canaan, Conn., 13 Nov. 1816; unmarried; was living with her mother, at Webster, N. Y., in 1874.
1865 II. Stephen Weeks, b. at Scipio, N. Y., 10 Jan. 1820; a farmer; married, 26 Sept. 1843, at Henrietta, N. Y., by Rev. Halsey Miner, Baptist, to Maria Clark, dau. of Henry and Sally (Craft) Clark, of Rush, N. Y., formerly of Auburn, N. Y., where she was born 10 May 1823. She died in Leslie, Mich., 1 July 1862, and was buried in Leslie Cemetery. He was married (2d), 26 May 1865, at Leslie, by Rev. Elijah K. Grout, Baptist, to Laura Edwinna Reynolds, dau. of Lewis and Laura (Van Ornam) Reynolds, of Amherst, Ohio, formerly of Parma, Ohio, where she was born 24 July 1834. They were living at Leslie, in 1874. 6035
1866 III. William Henry Weeks, b. in Henrietta, N. Y., 8 Aug. 1821; a farmer and school-teacher; married, 20 March 1850, at Webster, N. Y., by Elder Way, Baptist, to Jane Ellen Dunning, dau. of Amos and Rilla (Hull) Dunning, of Webster, where she was born 11 March 1833. They settled, in 1850, at Leslie, Mich., where she died, 13 March 1862, and was buried. He was married (2d), 3 Aug. 1862, at Leslie, by Elder Grout, Baptist, to Mary Catharine Du Bois, dau. of Martin and Martha (Rumsey) Du Bois, of Alverson, Mich., formerly of Leslie, where she was born 24 Dec. 1833. They were living, in 1874, at Leslie, where he has been school-inspector, for eleven years. 6049
1867 IV. Angeline Weeks, b. in Henrietta, N. Y., 6 Ap. 1825; married, 10 March 1848, in Webster, N. Y., by Rev. Ebenezer J. Scott, Baptist, to Walter Holt, born in North Penfield, now Webster, 15 July 1821, son of Constant and Sibyl (Dart) Holt. They lived in Webster, till 1 Ap. 1850; and then moved three miles east, to Ontario. He was a farmer, and sometimes, in the winter, a teacher, till Aug. 1858, when, having studied theology, he was licensed to preach by the Baptist Church of Webster, of which he was ordained pastor 13 Jan. 1859, continuing in that relation till May 1859. He was settled as pastor of the Baptist Church in Hamlin, N. Y., 1 May 1862; removed, in Aug. 1864, to West Henrietta, N. Y., where he was pastor of the Baptist Church from 1 Sept. 1864 to 1 June 1869; settled at York, N. Y., 10 June 1869, and still resided there, in Ap. 1874, as pastor of the Baptist Church. 6053
1868 V. George Washington Weeks, b. in Henrietta, N. Y., 26 Nov. 1828; a farmer; married at the residence of her father, at New Boston, in Ontario, N. Y., by Rev. S. A. Taft, Baptist, 2 Nov. 1853, to Catharine Ann Smith, dau. of Thomas and Amelia (Landon) Smith, of Ontario, where she was born 8 Aug. 1831. They were living at Leslie, Mich., in 6056
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