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Cyrus7 Whitney (Lemuel6, Joshua5, Nathaniel4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), son of Lemuel6 and Thankful (Griffeth) Whitney, was born 23 Sep 1770, Spencer, MA,[1] and died 20 May 1860, Springfield, VT.

He married firstly, 12 Apr 1796, Springfield, VT, Ruth Mayo.[2] She was born 2 Sep 1770, and died 10 Jul 1818.

He "of Springfield, VT" married secondly, 12 Jan 1821, Acworth, NH, Jerusha Stebbins.[3] She was born about 1785, CT, and died after 1870.

Cyrus, son of Lemuel and Thankful Griffith Whitney, was born 20 Sep 1770, in Spencer, MA. He moved with his father's family to Tolland, CT, in 1778, and to Springfield, VT, in 1780. The family moved in the primitive fashion, which was then the only possible one, carrying their own food and driving their live stock before them. It was Cyrus' task on the way to Vermont, to lead two wild colts. At Bellows Falls he separated from his family, who kept to the east side of the Connecticut river, and took his way alone, save for the company of his colts, along the rough pathway and through unbridged streams in the bleak December weather to Eureka, a little settlement in Springfield, 15 miles away, where he arrived in safety though he was at that time barely ten years old. The colts, let us here say, were of the stock of the captured horses of Burgoyne's officers, and become noted horses in the new state. Cyrus was sent to school six months there, in Connecticut, to be taught to read, and three in Vermont to learn to write. He was an insatiate reader, particularly of history. The Bible he regularly read through every year after his conversion, and toward the close of his life he read it through three or four times a year. He was well acquainted with the Apocryphal books and had read the entire works of Josephus twice. He was a farmer, and was able to do many kinds of handicraft which the farmer now seldom undertakes. He was a Baptist, and a Whig with strong anti-slavery principles. He resided Springfield, VT.

Children of Cyrus7 and Ruth (Mayo) Whitney:

i. Arathusa8 Whitney, b. 30 Jan 1797, Springfield, VT;[4] d. 10 Feb 1797.
ii. William Wilson Whitney, b. 7 Mar 1798, Springfield, VT;[5] m. Matilda Walker.
iii. Abiah Whitney, b. 11 Nov 1799, Springfield, VT;[6] d. 13 Jan 1862, unmarried.
iv. Lemuel Whitney, b. 2 Oct 1801, Springfield, VT;[7] d. young.
v. Sally Whitney, b. 11 Jul 1803, Springfield, VT;[8] d. 5 Jan 1825, Springfield, VT; unmarried.
vi. Ruth Whitney, b. 20 Mar 1805, Springfield, VT;[9] d. 1845; m. 1 May 1828, Springfield, VT, Ephraim Walker.[10] Children:
a. Jane M. Walker, b. -----; m. J. W. Knegot.
b. Cyrus Walker, b. -----.
c. Cornelia Walker, b. -----.
d. Agnes Walker, b. -----.
e. (daughter) Walker, b. -----; Mrs. S. R. W. Brigham, res. Rogers Park, IL.
vii. Patty Whitney, b. 17 Jul 1807, Springfield, VT.[11]
viii. Norman Knox Whitney, b. 14 Nov 1810, Springfield, VT;[12] m. Mary Pratt.

Children of Cyrus7 and Jerusha (Stebbins) Whitney:

ix. Emeline8 Whitney, b. 23 Jul 1823, Springfield, VT; resided Rogers Park, IL, unmarried.


225 228 William W. Whitney 51 M - Farmer $3000 Vt. Matilda W. " 39 F - " Luthera " 8 F - " Attended school Amanda " 6 F - " Attended school Rollin " 2 M - " J. Emeline " 27 F - " Henry C. Washburn 16 M - O. Attended school 229 Cyrus Whitney 79 M - Mass. Jerusha " 65 F - Cont. Abiah " 50 F - Vt.

57 57 William W. Whitney 62 M - Farmer $3600 $1500 Vermont Matilda " 49 F - Housewife " Luthera " 18 F - Housewife " Amanda " 16 F - School Teacher " Attended school Rollin " 12 M - " Attended school Jerusha " 75 F - Housewife Connecticut Abiah " 60 F - " " Vermont Darius Parker 18 M - Farm Laborer "

36 39 Whitney, Rollin 22 M W Farmer $5000 $1400 Vermont Male citizen over 21 -----, Matilda 60 F W Keeps house Vermont -----, Jerusha 85 F W Connecticut Illiterate, Idiotic Walker, Philema 92 F W Vermont Whitney, Luthera 26 F W School Teacher Vermont Fullam, Lucian 21 M W Farm laborer Vermont Male citizen over 21 Spencer, Mary A. 69 F W Vermont

Sarah P. DARLINGTON 54 Self F S W PA Principal PA NJ Emiline WHITNEY 54 Oth F S W VT Teacher VT VT Flora S. BEANE 29 Oth F S W NH Teacher NH NH Agnes A. GILLIS 32 Oth F S W MA Teacher MA MA Kate S. NICHERSHAM 34 Oth F S W PA Teacher PA PA Abbie A. HOLBROOK 29 Oth F S W MA Teacher MA MA Paola LANDERER 40 Oth F S W ALGIERS Teacher FRA FRA M. A. STEPHENS 35 Oth F S W NY Teacher NY NY Mary VANVLIET 28 Oth F S W NY Teacher NY NY Mary HARBAUGH 26 Oth F S W MD Teacher MD MD Mary A. WILLIAMS 43 Oth F W W ENG Matron ENG ENG Susan PHELPS 55 Oth F S W ENG Assistant Matron ENG ENG Eliza MORAN 24 Oth F S W PA Cook IRE IRE Maggie MORAN 22 Oth F S W MI Chambermaid IRE IRE Mary MURPHY 45 Oth F W W IRE Chambermaid IRE IRE Minnie MCSHANE 19 Oth F S W MN Chambermaid IRE IRE Ellen SHEENAN 22 Oth F S W MN Cook IRE IRE Bridget COSGROVE 23 Oth F S W IL Waiter IRE IRE Margaret FITZGERALD 20 Oth F S W MN Waiter IRE IRE Maggie GLEASON 24 Oth F S W RI Laundry IRE IRE (Continued)


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