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William Ezra9 Whitney (Ezra Slack8, Ezra7, John6, James5, James4, John3, Jonathan2, John1), son of Ezra Slack8 and Lydia Ann (Dutcher) Whitney, was born 18 May 1846, Brooklyn, NY, and died after 1900.

He was unmarried.

He received a public school education in this same city; was converted at the age of fourteen years, and united with the Strong Place Baptist church in Nov 1861, of Brooklyn. Lived in the city of Washington, DC, for three years; went back to Brooklyn, NY, Jun 1869; was for same year collector in two collecting companies in New York; being an active member at one time of the Brooklyn and Washington Young Men's Christian Associations. He was also secretary and treasurer of the Band of Hope, at Hackensack, NJ, his former residence. He was one of the members who helped to organize this society. He was the correspondent of the Bergen County Index, of that place, for a number of years, until he made Philadelphia his home. While living there he took a great interest in the Prohibition movement in 1882, and wrote a number of articles for the paper. Was correspondent of five papers and manager of the Christian Endeavor paper and editor of the "Church News." While a resident of Philadelphia was assistant chairman of the Young Men's Christian Association, Germantown, Philadelphia, over three years, an active member of the Y.P.S.C.E. of Niatum Baptist church, of that city, holding office as vice-president, and chairman, at one time of the lookout and prayer meeting committees, having always taken a deep interest in all religious work. He is at present the president of the Baptist Young People's Union of the Russell Street Baptist church, of Columbus. In politics he is Republican.

Resided in 1895 at Columbus, OH, care Standard Oil Company; resided 1289 Forsythe Ave.


529 547 Whitney, E. S. 60 M W Mass. Male citizen over 21 -----, L. A. 54 F W N.Y. Watkins, Anne S. 32 F W Washington, D.C. -----, John W. 40 M W Weigher " D.C. Male citizen over 21 Whitney, W. E. 24 M W N.Y. Male citizen over 21 -----, Carrie S. 16 F W N.Y. Watkins, Blanch 7 F W N.Y. Attended school

John B. FITCH 38 Self M M W N.Y. Civil Engineer N.J. N.Y. Carrie W. FITCH 26 Wife F M W N.Y. Keeping House MA. N.Y. Thomas J. FITCH 12 Son M S W N.Y. N.Y. N.Y. Stanley FITCH 10 Son M S W N.Y. N.Y. N.Y. Ezra S. WHITNEY 71 GFat M M W MA. Retired MA. MA. Ella WHITNEY 67 GMot F M W N.Y. Boarding N.Y. N.Y. William E. WHITNEY 34 Bro M S W N.Y. Boarding N.Y. N.Y.

Herman Wilms M 36 - Germany C. Clerk Sophia Wilms F 36 - Germany C. Mary Wilms F 7 - U.S. C. Annie Wilms F 9 - U.S. C. Dora Wilms F 5 - U.S. C. Marie C. Wilms F 69 - Germany A. James Kelly M 36 - Ireland C. Navy Yard Peter Ludlow M 55 - Ireland C. Laborer James M. U. Newman M 60 - England A. Laborer James Brown M 34 - U.S. C. Laborer William McAleer M 36 - Ireland C. Waiter Charles Stevens M 42 - U.S. C. Laborer John Coombs M 33 - U.S. C. Laborer William Turner M 43 - Ireland C. Singer Francis Kelly M 27 - U.S. C. Laborer James Connors M 23 - U.S. C. Bartender George Williams M 34 - Sweden A. Laborer John Reilly M 73 - Ireland C. Shoemaker John Dolan M 26 - U.S. C. Laborer John McBride M 33 - U.S. C. Laborer Edward Shire M 33 - Sweden A. Laborer James Patterson M 44 - U.S. C. Laborer Thomas Clark M 37 - U.S. C. Laborer William Whitney M 45 - U.S. C. Lawyer John Watson M 44 - U.S. C. Canvasser Henry Grace M 54 - Ireland C. Laborer Daniel Finnegan M 40 - Ireland C. Laborer

47 261 Fitch, John B. Head W M Jul 1841 58 mar 20 New York New Jersey New York Salesman oils -----, Carrie W. Wife W F Jan 1854 46 mar 20 5ch 5liv New York Massachusetts New York -----, Blanche Dau W F Apr 1881 19 sgl New Jersey New York New York -----, Salem D. Son W M Aug 1882 17 sgl New Jersey New York New York Bookkeeper stocking mfgr. -----, Whitney Son W M Jul 1855 14 sgl New Jersey New York New York -----, Frederick A. Son W M Jan 1889 11 sgl New Jersey New York New York At school -----, John B. Son W M Dec 1895 8 sgl New Jersey New York New York At school Whitney, William BiL W M May 1846 54 sgl New York Massachusetts New York

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