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Whitney Places

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Great Britain

Whitney, a manor and parish in Herefordshire, England, on the river Wye, the ultimate origin of the surname WHITNEY. Map

Witney, a town in Oxfordshire, England. Map See History of Witney as well as The Manors of Witney, Brightwell, and Downton.

Whitney, a village near Ilminster, Somerset, England. Map

Witney Wood, a 25 acre ancient woodland which lies just to the north of Dulas Court, Dulas, Herefordshire. It is owned by WRG member Ian Hart. See this description.

Whitney Field, located in Trysull, Staffordshire. See MPL 1/69.


Whitney or Whitneyville, Northumberland County, NB.

From Alan C. Wright:
"Whitneyville, New Brunswick was later called Whitney and is a small town to the west of Newcastle on the Miramichi River, about half way to Sunny Corner and Red Bank. Probably founded about 1785 by my ancestor Ebenezer WHITNEY (1745-1810) (so far I have not connected him to the CT branch! He seems to have sprung directly from the soil in NB!) on land owned as a crown grant by William Davidson. I still have relatives living there. It was once part of North Esk parish and the center of a large lumber industry until the disastrous fire of 1825."Map

Whitney, Nipissing Co., ON, unincorporated area.

Whitney, Cochrane Co., ON, geographical area. Map

Whitney, 18-10-22-W4, AB, unincorporated area.

Whitney, Timmins, other municipal/district area - miscellaneous.

New Zealand

Whitneys Creek, District: Canterbury District, Stream or natural watercourse (44.8883 S, 171.0766 W).

United States of America

A search at the Geographical Name Information System reveals 341 geographical features in the United States with "Whitney" as part of their names! (Search for "%whitney%".) All those characterized as "populated places" are listed below, along with a few others.

Whitney, Saint Clair Co., AL (33:52:04 N, 086:17:29 W). Map

Whitney Junction, Saint Clair Co., AL (33:52:29 N, 086:17:58 W).
Named after the nearby town of Whitney.

Whitney Island, AK (57:13:39 N, 133:31:04 W). Map

Whitney Mountain, AR

From Jerry McClure:
Rising 700 feet above Beaver Lake in northwestern Arkansas and offering one of the best views of the lake is Whitney Mountain. From the boat docks and state parks at the water's edge, the mountain rises to its peak which is now crowned by Lost Bridge Village and the Lodge on Whitney Mountain.
The Whitney name came from a family who came from Randolph Co., NC, by way of Kansas to homestead on the mountain in 1876. Elijah and Ruth Ann Whitney brought their family of children and began to turn the rocky surface into a bountiful orchard. When Elijah died, his son Jesse who had married Addie Wilson continued to nurture the orchards so that train carloads of apples were shipped each summer. At the time of Jesse's death in 1929, he owned 400 acres on the mountain.
On July 6 [1997], the last of Jesse's children passed away at age 86. She was my mother-in-law. She made her last visit to the old home place on the mountain in June and viewed the lake from the balcony of the Chapel on Whitney Mountain. A second stroke placed her in the hospital until we were able to bring her to our home. At two o'clock on a Sunday morning, one more Whitney moved to a better home.

Mount Whitney, Inyo Co., CA (36:34:38 N, 118:17:33 W).

Named after Josiah Dwight8 WHITNEY [Josiah Dwight7, Abel6, Aaron5, Moses4, Moses3, Richard2, John1], the head of the surveying party which first mapped it. Map
First Group to Spot Mt. Whitney. Includes a photo of the man the peak was named after, founder of the California Geological Survey, Josiah Dwight Whitney.
Mt.Whitney Day Hike Page
Mt. Whitney
Whitney, Mount, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled "Whitney, Mount" - Results for Whitney, Mount

Whitney Portal, Inyo Co., CA (36:35:21 N, 118:13:30 W). Map

Named after Mount Whitney, to which it is very close.

Whitney, Placer Co., CA (38:50:01 N, 121:18:21 W). Map

Named after J. Parker WHITNEY. Description, thanks to Ron Whitney.

Whitneyville, New Haven Co., CT (41:20:39 N, 072:54:46 W).

Named after the inventor Eli WHITNEY, whose factory was located here. Map

Whitney, Lake Co., FL (28:49:01 N, 081:56:14 W). Map

Whitney Beach, Manatee Co., FL (27:25:46 N, 082:40:50 W). Map

Whitney, Walton Co., GA (33:43:20 N, 083:42:43 W). Map

Whitneyville, Cass Co., IA (41:21:00 N, 094:46:05 W). Map

Whitneyville Iowa was/is located in Cass county Iowa in the southwestern part of the state. It developed out of Eseck WHITNEY's stagecoach stop and homestead. It appeared on maps of Iowa between roughly 1865 and 1887 and had a maximum population during that time of roughly 30 people. In the mid-1880's the first east/west railroad line in that part of the state went through 5 miles south of Whitneyville at a later settlement called Massena. This event caused Whitneyville's demise as it's inhabitants moved to the significantly improved transportation and commerce opportunities generated by the new railroad. Whitneyville, Iowa does live on however. As part of Massena, Iowa's, 150th celebration in 1986, a historical marker was placed at the site of Whitneyville noting its location and commemorating it as the first settlement in the Massena township of Cass County. This was Eseck7 WHITNEY [Cornelius6, Cornelius5, Matthias4, Cornelius3, Joshua2, John1]. (Supplied by William L. Whitney.)

Whitney, Franklin Co., ID (42:03:57 N, 111:50:13 W). Map

Whitney Corner, Knox Co., ME (44:09:47 N, 069:18:38 W). Map

Whitneyville, Washington Co., ME (44:43:19 N, 067:31:26 W). Map

Whitneys Landing, Anne Arundel Co., MD (39:04:27 N, 076:35:18 W). Map

Whitney Hill, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.

This hill is traditionally the site of John1 WHITNEY's homestall, but is more likely to be the location of the residence of his son John2, on a three-acre lot on the east side of Lexington Street, which was passed down to his descendant Bradshaw7 WHITNEY [Pierce, p. 22].

Whitneys, Middlesex Co., MA (42:14:25 N, 071:24:25 W). Map

Whitney Township, Arenac Co., MI (44:05:50 N, 083:34:44 W).Map

Whitneyville, Cascade Township, Kent Co., MI (42:52:18 N, 085:27:32 W). Map

Whitney, Menominee Co., MI (45:49:20 N, 087:23:16 W). Map

Whitney, Sunflower Co., MS (33:50:52 N, 090:30:58 W). Map

Whitney, Dawes Co., NE (42:46:58 N, 103:15:20 W). Map

From Ron and Roxie Whitney:
"We noticed Whitney, NE on the map when we were traveling one year, so we drove through to check it out. It is a very small town in NW Nebraska. We noted a post office, church, and a few houses. It was Sunday, so didn't notice if the town had any stores, but the population at the church far exceeded the possible population of the town, so they must draw from the surrounding ranches. We also drove a couple of miles to Lake Whitney nearby. Nice little lake with a well-maintained park and launch area. When we returned home I sent an SASE to the Postmaster asking about the origin of the name. Got a nice letter from Mabel L. Kendrick, Box 56, Whitney, NE 69367. She said, 'The original town, 1883 or 1885 [looked like she wrote a 5 over the last digit] was named Dawes City. It was on the south bank of White River. This town was abandoned and a new one started on the north bank (higher ground) 1887. This was named Earth Lodge. However, this name was changed to Whitney - Peter Whitney was an officer in the Pioneer Town Site Company. The town moved (I'm not sure if this means the move cited above, or another move to the present location) when the railroad came. Fremont Elkhorn Missouri Valley.'" According to Mary Hoeve, this Peter Whitney was b. 1832, Ft. Ann, NY, son of Peter, Sr., and (2) Mary/Polly (-----) Whitney, d. in Omaha, NE, and buried in East Troy, WI, with his mother. He was a land agent for the Chicago Northwestern Railroad. She descends from a brother, Throop Barney Whitney.

Whitney Lake, Dawes Co., NE (42:47:08 N, 103:18:28 W). Map

Named after the nearby town of Whitney.

Whitney Estates, Albany Co., NY (42:45:36 N, 073:46:57 W). Map

Whitney, Clark Co., NV, an unincorporated area.

Whitney Ranch, NV.

Whitney Mesa, NV.

Whitney Point, Broome Co., NY, at the confluence of the Otselic and Tioughnioga Rivers. (42:19:44 N, 075:58:05 W). Map

The "Whitney" of Whitney Point is Thomas7 Whitney (Joshua6, Thomas5, William4, William3, Joshua2, John1). Thomas Whitney was a brother of Joshua7 Whitney, the land agent who developed William BinghamÆs land at Chenango Point into Binghamton. In 1824 Thomas was appointed the first postmaster of "The Point," which thereafter was known as "Whitney's Point."

Whitney Point Lake, Broome Co., NY.

Named after the nearby village of Whitney Point.

Whitney Flats, Tioga Co., NY.

Whitney's Valley, former name of Canaseraga, NY. Map

Named in honor of Ezra6 Whitney [Ezra5, John4, Isaiah3, Thomas2, John1].

Mount Whitney, North Elba, Essex Co., NY.

Eli Whitney, Alamance Co., NC (35:54:24 N, 079:18:27 W). Map

Named after the famous inventor.

Whitney, Stanly Co., NC (35:28:20 N, 080:08:41 W). Map

Whitney, Belmont Co., OH (40:00:47 N, 080:55:44 W). Map

Whitney, Baker Co., OR (44:39:34 N, 118:17:23 W). Map

Whitneyville, Tioga Co., PA (41:46:23 N, 077:12:03 W). Map

Whitney, Westmoreland Co., PA (40:15:12 N, 079:24:38 W). Map

Whitney Heights, Spartanburg Co., SC (34:58:40 N, 081:55:30 W). Map

Whitney, Spartanburg Co., SC (34:59:03 N, 081:55:36 W). Map

Whitney, Briscoe Co., TX (34:21:01 N, 101:19:48 W). Map

Lake Whitney, Hill Co., TX (31:51:59 N, 097:22:14 W). :Named after the nearby town of Whitney

Lake Whitney Texas Area Information Page Map

Whitney, Hill Co., TX (31:57:06 N, 097:19:16 W).

It was named after Charles A. WHITNEY of New York, NY, a stockholder in the Texas Central Railroad. Map

Whitney Dam on the Brazos River, Texas.

Named after the nearby town of Whitney. Map

Whitneyville, Windham Co., VT (42:47:38 N, 072:44:36 W). Map

Whitney, Skagit Co., WA (48:26:53 N, 122:28:13 W).

Named after Rienzi Eugene WHITNEY. Description, thanks to Shawn Whitney. Map


Whitney, Jamaica. Map


Whitney Bay, Bermuda. See this Map.

At Sea

Whitney Seamount, Atlantic Ocean, off of Guinea-Bissau, Africa (08:28:58 N, 20:15:01 W). Map

Other Things Named Whitney

The famous Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY.

The Eli Whitney Museum at New Haven, CT. Map

Eli Whitney Museum

Eli Whitney Armory archaelogical site, New Haven, CT.

The Whitney Gallery of Western Art at Cody, WY. Map

The Whitney Hotel, Columbia, South Carolina

The Whitney Restaurant, Detroit, Michigan

Whitney High School, Cerritos, California

Whitney Elementary School, Strongsville, Ohio

Pratt & Whitney Company

A. W. Whitney Co. of Vermont, makers of pipe organs.

A sailing ship called the Eli Whitney carried passengers from England to America, September 1841.

The ship Stephen Whitney sailed from Liverpool to New York, 1 August, 1845 and 6 April 1846

A 1200 ton sailing ship called the J. P. Whitney.

USS Whitney, a U. S. Navy destroyer tender, 1921-1946.

USS Mount Whitney, a U. S. Navy joint command ship, 1971-present.

The John Hay Whitney Foundation, organized 1946, dissolved 1983.

The Whitney Handicap, a horse race run at Saratoga Springs, New York.

Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corporation, #1 Hollister-Whitney Parkway, Quincy, IL 62305

Whitney Products, Inc., 6153C Mulford St., Niles, IL 60714

Harvey Whitney Books Company, 8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 415, Cincinnati, OH 45236

Whitney Library for the Blind, 1445 Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65803

[Whitney National Bank] of New Orleans, LA

Whitney-Crow Cemetery, White Co., AR

The F. A. Whitney Co. manufactured baby carriages in Leominster, MA. It was formed by Francis Austin Whitney and Francis Wolfe Whitney, a pair of cousins. There is a discussion of the company, and pictures of some of its carriages online, as well as two pictures of their plant, dated 1888 and 1923.

John Whitney, Musician

Richard Whitney -- Paintings, Classical Realism

J. Whitney Gallery (Art)

Welcome to Whitney Farms

Whitney Laboratory

The Whitney Group - Home Page

The Roger Whitney Gallery Home Page

Whitney House, Stockbridge, MA

Ann Whitney Elementary

Whitney's Pride Farm, selling herbs & alternatives for horses & dogs.

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