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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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3040. i. BOYLSTON, b. Nov. 29, 1792; m. Lucy SPAULDING. 3041. ii. ASENATH, b. Sept. 18, 1799. 3042. iii. CALVIN, b. Sept. 4, 1795. 1377. DANIEL WHITNEY (James, [NOTE] Joseph, Joseph, Jonathan, John), b. Ludlow, Vt., in 1777 [NOTE]; m. in Ludlow, Feb. 25, 1796, Content Stiles; b. in 1777; d. in 1863. He was a cordwainer. He d. in 1863; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 3043. i. ASAPH S., b. Apr. 5, 1804; m. Abigail MILLER. 3044. ii. CALVIN, b. Feb. 19, 1806; m. Roxana WHEELOCK. 3045. iii. IRA, b. -----; m. Lucinda HUDSON; a dau. is Mrs. Julia STRONG; res. Cavendish, Vt. 3046. iv. HIRAM, b. -----; 1818; m. Arvilla HERRICK. 3047. v. BETSEY, b. -----; m. Harsha NICKOLS, and went west. 3048. vi. CONTENT, b. -----; m. Hezekiah MOOE; a son Nelson res. in Shrewsbury, Vt. 3049. vii. SALOME, b. -----; m. Handel WEBSTER; son Addison res. Plym- outh, Vt. 3050. viii. NANCY, b. -----; m. James MERRELL; a son Henry res. Reading, Vt. 3051. ix. MARY, b. -----; m. Obediah MILLER; d. s. p. 1379. JAZAMIAH WHITNEY (James, [NOTE] Joseph, Joseph, Jonathan, John), b. Sept. 1, 1780; m. at St. Johnsbury, Vt., Rebecca WHIPPLE, b. Oct. 17, 1782; d. May 23, 1853. He was a carpenter by trade. Member of the Baptist church. he d. Apr. 12, 1869; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Newport, N. H. 3052. i. SALLY M., b. Aug. 11, 1804; m. Moses B. HATCH, of Littleton, N. H. 3053. ii. ORLANDO, b. Mar. 26, 1806; m. Eliza Ann Motley CARLTON. 3054. iii. ORANGE, b. May 8, 1808; m. Emeline HARRIS. 3055. iv. HARRIETT, b. June 22, 1810; d. July 31, 1817. 3056. v. LAMBERT, b. Oct. 10, 1812; m. Sallie SENTER. 3057. vi. TURZAH, b. July 30, 1815; d. July 30, 1820. 1386. JOHN WHITNEY (John, James, Joseph, Jonathan, John), b. Fitzwilliam, N. H., Dec. 10, 1789; m. Mar. 2, 1816, Mrs. Augusta (FISK) BROOKS, b. Aug. 2, 1792; d. in 1852. He was born in New Hampshire on a farm. Resided in Troy some time and for many years followed the sea. He was a great sailor, visited many ports in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as those of North and South America. On one of his trips he circumnavigated the earth. After his marriage in 1824 moved to Dunkirk, N. Y. There is followed agricultural pursuits until the railroad through that section was built. As it passed through his farm he sold out and moved to Freedonia, N. Y. While living in Dunkirk he ran a vessel on the lake. He d. in 1862; res. Troy, N. H., Dunkirk and Fredonia, N. Y. 3058. i. LEMUEL, b. Nov. 7, 1816; m. Fanny M. GOULD and Julia M. GOULD. 3059. ii. DENSMORE, b. Jan. 7, 1818; d. unm. 3060. iii. SABRINA, b. Jan. 7, 1819; m. Norman PIER; res. Murray, N. Y.; dau. Ella, m. Thomas MCGOVERN, and her son James, 12 years of age, res. Morris, Ill. 3061a. iv. CAROLINE, b. Mar. 28, 1820; m. Aug. 16, 1839, John CULVER and had 4 ch.: Sarah, m. Peter THOMPSON, merchant and inventory; res. Union, Pa.; Edward, res. Oil City, Pa.; Henry and Rufus, res. Union, Pa. 3062a. v. ASA, b. May 4, 1821; m. June, 1842, Caroline P. Tyler; res. Bert, Kan. Ch.: Omer, res. Elkhorn, Neb.; Sarah CARRAUTH. 3063a. vi. JEFFERSON B., b. May 4, 1822. 3064a. vii. HARLOW JONES, b. Sept. 6, 1825; m. Oct. 20, 1847, Harriett MAC KENTIRE; res. Grand Island, Neb. Ch.: John, and Eunice, who m. 1888, Simeon WOODRUFF; res. Joliet, Ill. 3065a. viii. T. AUGUSTA, b. -----; m. S. M. UNDERWOOD and had 2 ch., Samuel Marion; res. Morris, Ill., a merchant; Charles Curtis; res. Gardiner, Ill., a merchant. 3066a. ix. ESTHER ANN, b. Sept. 2, 1832; m. Lucius T. GOULD, b. Feb., 1829; d. Dec. 4, 1861; m. 2d, Rev. Hiram P. EUSTIS. Ch.: Charlotte A., b. Apr. 21, 1861; m. Apr. 6, 1894, Joseph HAMPSON; res. St. Paul, Minn.; Harriett BEECHER, b. July 5, 1853; m. June 12, 1869, -----

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