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Whitney surname and variants.


Barnabas, twin, s. Timothy and Alice, Apr. 13, 177[torn]. Petersham
Barnabas, s. Jonas and Mary, May 1, 1791 Otis
Barrit [Barret, C.R.], s. Benjamin and Sarah, Sep. 22, 1715. Marlborough
Barsina, d. Hananiah and Azubah, Feb. 4, 1801. Winchendon
Bartholomew, s. Silas and Jane, June 30, 1766 Winchendon
Bartholomew, s. Samuel and Mary, Apr. 18, 1779. Worcester
Bartholomew W., s. William K. and Deborah, July 19, 1825. Athol
Barzeliel, s. Charles and Elizabeth, Sept. 29, 176[6?]. Templeton
Barzillia J., s. William K. and Deborah, April 21, 1822. Athol
Bassom, s. of Ephraim and Mary, Nov. 9, 1768. Framingham
Barnabas, s. Moses and Lydia, Jan. 22, 1721. [p. 8] Littleton
Bathsheba, adult bap. 7 Nov 1827. Sheffield
Baxter Doddridge, s. Amasa and Mary, June 28, 1817. Winchendon
Beaulah, d. Ephraim and Thankful, Jan. 23, 1753. Upton
Bela, s. Anne, bp. June 18, 1815. C.R.1 Dover
Benjamen, s. of Benjamen and Hester, May 22, 1709. Sherborn
Benjamin, s. John & Elinor, b. 6 (4) 1643 Watertown
Benjamin, s. John and Ruth, b. 28 9mo 1660 Watertown
Benjamin, s. Jonathan and Lidia, b. 6 Jan 1678 Watertown
Benjamin, s. Jofeph and Martha, b. last of Jan 1684 Watertown
Benjamin, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Oct. 7, [16]87. M.R. Stow
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, b. 14 Sep 1712 Watertown
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, Sep. 14, 1712. In Watertown. Worcester
Benjamin, s. Josiah and Miriam, Nov. 20, 1718. Chelmsford
Benjamin, s. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 12 Apr 1723 Watertown
Benjamin, s. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 12 Apr 1723 Watertown
Benjamin, s. of James and Martha, June 13, 1723. Sherborn
Benjamin, s. Joseph and Rebecca, Mar. 18, 1723-4. Chelmsford
Benjamin, s. of James and Martha, Oct 23, 1727. Sherborn
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Abigail, May. 8, 1732. Marlborough
Benja[min], s. Benja[min] and Rebeccah, b. 25 Aug 1735 Watertown
Benjamin, s. of Benjamin Whitney, bapt. 29 Aug 1736. Watertown
Benjamin, s. Joseph and Abigail, Oct. 27, 1741. Groton
Benjamin, s. Joseph & Abigail, b. Oct. 27, 1741. Pepperell
Benjamin, s. Joshua and Pheeby, Mar. 14, 1743 Uxbridge
Benjamin, s. of Benja Whitney, bapt. 2 Feb 1751/2. Watertown
Benjamin, s. Solomon and Elizabeth, Jun. 10, 1753. Marlborough
Benja[min], Jr., s. Benjamin & w. [Mary], b. May 5, 1764. Pepperell
Benjamin, s. Eli and Elizabeth, Sept. 13, 1768. Westborough
Benjamin, s. Henry and Hannah, b. 10 Mar 1769 Watertown
Benjamin, s. Jonas and Sarah, Apr. 28, 1770. Westminster
Benjamin, s. Lemuel and Thankful, July 20, 1772. Spencer
Benjamin, s. of James and Susanna, July 1, 1781. Sherborn
Benjamin, s. of Henry Whitney, bapt. 28 Oct 1781. Watertown
Benjamin, s. Moses and Hannah, Nov. 22, 1781. Douglas
Benjamin, s. of James and Susanna, Mar. 5, 1785. Sherborn
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Lois, Aug. 12, 1798. N.R. Dunstable
Benjamin, s. Lemuel and Mary, Aug. 17, 1800. Royalston
Benjamin Duick. s. Asa and Mary, Nov. 10, 1807. Roxbury
Benjamin Foster, s. Benjamin and Sybil, Sept. 30, 1816. Westborough
Benjamin Franklin, s. of Cyrus and Polly, Mar. 21, 1804. (Mar. 23, 1804. G.R.1.) Harvard
Benjamin Franklin, s. of Benjamin and Hepzibah, in Sherborn, Sept. 29, 1808. Wrentham
Benjamin Franklin, s. Benjamin and Rachel, [?bap.] July 11, 1819. [p. 310] Dorchester
Benjamin H., Oct. __, 1814. G.S. Leominster
Benjamin Holt, s. John, steward at Harvard College, and Mary B., Nov. 13, 1831. Wayland
Benjamin L., June 24, 1810. G.R.2. Cambridge
Benjamin Lincoln, s. of B. L. and Caroline St. A., bp. Apr. 25, 1842. C.R.9. Cambridge
Benjamin Rush, s. David, April 27, 1832. Shelburne
Benjamin White (s. of Abel and Susanna, C.R.1.), Aug. 9, 1815. G.R.3 Cambridge
Bertha May, d. John C. and Mary W. (Pillsbury), miller, June 4, 1869. Ashby
Betcy Bowker, twin d.Moses and Tabitha, Dec. 22, 1804. Athol
Bethia, d. of Moses and Betty, Jan. 22, 1757. Harvard
Bethiah Barret, w. Capt. Phinehas, ___ __, 1774. In Westford. G.S.1 Winchendon
Bethyah, d. of Joshuah and Han[n]ah, Sept. 29, 1720. Mendon
Bethyah, d. of Joshuah and Hannah, Feb. 24, 1726-7. Mendon
Bethyah, d. Moses and Betty, Jan. 22, 1759 [1758? bap. is Jul. 22 of that year, C.R.] Templeton
Betse, d. John and Elizebeth, Dec. 5, 1776 Sudbury
Betsey, d. of Israel and Hannah, May 24, 1782. Harvard
Betsey, d. Ebenezer and Martha, June 6, 1784. Worcester
Betsey, d. Silas and Patience, at Stow, Apr. 27, 1785. Ashby
Betsey, d. Elnathan and Lucy, Aug. 21, 1786. Manchester
Betsey, d. Isaac and Susanna, Oct. 30, 1792. Ashby
Betsey, d. of Simeon and Achsah, Jan. 22, 1793. Sherborn
Betsey, d. Simon and Lucy, Dec.19, 1793. Petersham
Betsey, d. Joseph and Abija [Abigail (Barnard) P.R. 14], Mar. 21 1794. Shelburne
Betsey, d. David and Elizabeth, Jan. 18, 1795. Westminster
Betsey, d. Jacob and Patty, Sept. 14, 1796. Upton
Betsey, d. Jonathan and Lucy, Nov. 16, 1798. Sterling
Betsey 2d, d. David and Elizabeth, Feb. 5, 1802. Westminster
Betsey, d. of Laban and Olive, Oct. 18, 1808. Milford
Betsey, d. Joseph and Hannah, May 21, 1821. Winchendon
Betsey M. G., d. Nelson and Ruth M., Oct. 17, 1844. Bellingham
Betsey Wheeler, w. Theodore, Jan. 4, 1814. G.S. 1 Westminster
Betsey Willard, d. of Richard (Jr. C.R.1.) and Mercy, June 5, 1774. Harvard
Betsy, d. Daniel and Sarah, 11 Aug 1781. [1:35] Warwick
Betsy, d. Silas and Patience, bp. May 22, [17]85. C.R. Stow
Betsy, d. William and Sibella Clark, April 16, 1815. Gardner
Bettee, d. of Isaiah and Elizabeth, Jan. 3, 1733-4. Harvard
Bettey, d. James and Sarah, May 30, 1772. N.R. Dunstable
Bettey, d. Lamuel and Elizabeth, Feb. 18, 1773. Stow
Bettsa, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, Sept. 3, 1786. Westminster
Bettsa, d. Phinehas and Elizabeth, Dec. 27, 1789. Westminster
Bettsa, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, Apr. 1, 1788. Westminster
Betty, d. of Moses and Betty, Dec. 9, 1756. Harvard
Betty, d. Moses and Betty, Dec. 9, 1757. Templeton
Betty, d. Samuell J. and Phebe, Aug. 26, 1764. Shrewsbury
Betty, d. Charles and Elizabeth, bap. Aug. 12, 1770. C.R. Templeton
Beulah, d. of John and Rebec[c]a, Jan. 23, 1730. Harvard
Beulah, d. Joshua and Mehitable, June 3, 1745. Spencer
Bezaleel, s. Moses and Lydia, Nov. 29, 1726. [p. 12] Littleton
Bezaliell, s. Thomas and Mary, b. 16 7mo 1664 Watertown
Bradshaw, s. of Charles Whitney, bapt. 22 Jun 1817. Watertown
Bulah (Whittney in C.R.), d. Jason and Arrabellah, Dec. 7, 1732. Grafton


Barach of Worcester and Lorinda Benson, int. Aug. 16, 1840. Millbury
Barnabas, of Blandford, and Henrietta Heliman of Granville, int. -- Sep 1804 (3:21). Blandford
Barnabas of Blandford and Hariot Huliman, int. Sept. 2, 1804. Granville
Barnabas and Martha (int. Miss Margret) Williams, both of Otis (Miss Martha, in O., C.R.2), Jan 2, 1816 Otis
Barrett and Elizabeth Adams [int. reads (Barritt)(Elisabeth)], June 16, 1737. [p. 204] Boston
Barzillia, s. Wm. Whitney and Deborah, and Fay or Fry? Elisa, ae 23, single, carpenter, June 15, 1845 Orange
Baxter D., s. Amasa and Mary, a. 28, merchant, and Sarah J. Whitney, March 1, 1846. Winchendon
Beckah, of Stow, and John Whitney of Lancaster, May 20, 1724. T.R.1, p. 18. Lancaster
Belinda and Benjamin Cushing of Ashburnham, int. May 10, 1838. Westminster
Belinda and Benjamin Cushing, May 30, 1838. Ashburnham
Benjamin (s. of John), and Abigail Hager (d. of widdow Hager), 31 Mar 1687, with parents' consent. Watertown
Benjamin and Mary Poor of Marlboro, Apr. 13, 1696, in Marlboro. Framingham
Benjamin of Framingham and Mary Poor, Apr. 13, 1696. Marlborough
Benjamin Jr.and Mercy Trevis, Oct. 24, 1700. Sherborn
Benjamin and Esther Maverick, Aug. 7, 1705. [p. 17] Boston
Benjamin and Elizabeth Fiske, b. of Watertown, m. 1 Mar 1709/10 Watertown
Benjamin and Sarah Barret (1710-11 C.R.), Feb. 7, 1710. Marlborough
Benjamin and Margaret Sanderson of Watertown, Feb. 21, 1731-2, In Watertown. Framingham
Benjamin of Framingham and Margaret Sanderson of Watertown, m. 24 Feb 1731/2 Watertown
Benjamin and Esther Lealand, Apr. 18, 1751. Sherborn
Benjamin, and Mary Turner, Aug. 12, 1762. Pepperell
Benjamin [int. Benjamen] Jr. of Worcester, and Sarah White, Jan. 29, 1765. Newton
Benjamin, Jr., and Sarah White of Newton, Jan. 29, 1765. In Newton. Worcester
Benjamin and Esther Heggins, April 4, 1775. Westborough
Benjamin, Ens., and Mrs. Rebeca Danforth, b. of Dunstable, N.H., July 1, 1779. Dunstable
Benja[ami]n, and []Rebecah Fitch of Groton, Oct.14,1779. Pepperell
Benjamin (Dea., C.R.1) of Sherborn, and Mary Fairbanks, Feb. 9, 1792. Mendon
Benjamin and Mary Fairbanks of Mendon, Feb. 9, 1792. In Mendon. Sherborn
Benja[min], Lt., of Pepperell, and Olive Farnsworth, at Pepperell, Mar. 5, 1794.* Groton
Benjamin, [Lt. int.], and Olive Farnsworth [of Groton. int.],Mar.5,1794. Pepperell
Benjamin and Nancy Fuller, June 19, 1794. Westminster
Benjamin, and Lois Brown, both of Dunstable, N.H., Nov. 16, 1797. N.R. Dunstable
Benjamin and Sibbel Blake of Franklin, int March 20, 1804. Westborough
Benjamin of Sherburn, and Hepzibah Moore, Dec. 20, 1807. Sudbury
Benjamin of Blandford and Amanda Clerk, Apr. 13, 1808. Granville
Benjamin[Lt. int.]of Pepperell, and Anna Woods, Oct.11,1809. Int. also recorded. Groton
Benjamin and Mehatable Whitcomb, int. Apr. 2, 1824. (III:148) Fitchburg
Benjamin, of Fitchburg, and Mehitable Whitcomb, of Fitchburg, May 6, 1824. Ashby
Benj[amin] [of Boston, int.], and Mary C. Creamer, Jan. 30, 1825. Int. not recorded. Salem
Benjamin of Tunbridge, Vt., and Sibbel Parker,Feb.10,1825. Pepperell
Benjamin and Olive J. Bixby, Oct. 6, 1825. Millbury
Benjamin Jr. of Marlborough, N.H., and Elmira Stimson, Oct. 10, 1826. Ashburnham
Benjamin-D. of Boston and Elizabeth Williams, Sept. 20, 1830. Northborough
Benjamin F. and Louisa Lawrence, int. May 25, 1828. Harvard
Benja[min] F. and Nancy C. Manchester, both of N.B., int. Apr. 19, 1845. New Bedford
Benjamin H. and Sarah Phelps of Luningburg, int. Nov. 12, 1844. Westminster
Benjamin L. of Boston, and Caroline St. A. Homer, Aug. 23, 1837. Cambridge
Bessie (Turner) of Cambridge (2d) and Robert B. Wyman,of Woburn, June 13, 1889. Woburn
Bethiah and Thomas Jones, Oct. 1, 1750 in Wrentham. Medway
Bethiah and Thomas Jones, both of Medway, Oct. 1, 1750. Wrentham
Bethiah, resident of Freetown, and Benjamin Cleveland, int. pub. 6 Oct. 1764. Freetown
Bethiah of Westmorland and George Farrar, April __, 1783. Templeton
Betsey of Harvard, and Phineas Wetherbee, Mar. 5, 1740, in Harvard Stow
Betsey of Watertown and Isaac Taylor of Acton, int. 26 Oct 1793 Watertown
Betsey of Watertown and Isaac Taylor of Acton, m. 20 Oct 1793 Watertown
Betsey of Watertown and Isaac Taylor of A., Oct. 20, 1793, in Watertown. Acton
Betsey, of Tyngsborough, and Joseph Land of Dunstable, N.H., at Tyngsborough, Feb. 25, 1794. Dunstable
Betsey and William Sherman [int.Sharman], Apr. 11, 1802. Wayland
Betsey, wid., and Joel Laken, July 30, 1805. C. R. 1. Shelburne
Betsey [Betsy 2d in int.] and Robert Hudson Jr. of Lancaster, March 29, 1814. Bolton
Betsey of John Bowker, Nov. 10, 1814. Petersham
Betsey of Sterling and Joshua Church, int. May 4, 1820. Templeton
Betsey of S. and Joshua Church of Templeton, June 7, 1820. Sterling
Betsey [Betcey in int.] and Nathan Howard, Jan. 16, 1823. Westminster
Betsey, of Needham, and Sylvanus H. Belcher of Newton, int. 6 Mar 1825 [VR], m. Mar. 27, 1825, in Needham. [CRO] Dedham
Betsey and Thomas Merriam, Apr. 28, 1829. Westminster
Betsey and Luther Legg, int. Aug. 9, 1832. Upton
Betsey and Luther Legg, b. of Upton, Aug. 28, 1832. Worcester
Betsey and James Anderson, Oct. 28, 1832 Sutton
Betsey and Josiah Derby, Feb. 2, 1833. Ashburnham
Betsey, wid., of Rochester [int. N.B.], and Charles Haffords [dup.and int.Haffards], widr. [int. of N.B.], July 2, 1843, in N.B. New Bedford
Betsey, unm., of L., a. 27y., d. W[illia]m, and Justin W. Simonds, unm., of L., a. 26y., teamster, s. James, June 2, 1847. Lowell
Betsey (d. William and Dulcena. a. 17), and Charles W. Wilder, Sept. 13, 1847. Templeton
Betsey Ann, and Edmund Jaynes, of Egremont, m. 23 Oct 1823. Sheffield
Betsey E. and Almon D. Poland of Arlington, Vt., July 6, 1841. Winchendon
Betsey M., Mrs., and Micah Bent, Sept. 9, 1827. Milford
Betsey (S., int.) wid., and Stephen Goodhue Esq., widr. (of Newton, dup.) Jan. 24, 1844 Natick
Betsy and William Ballard, both of Lancaster, int. Jan. 4, 1787. T.R.1, p. 144. Lancaster
Betsy and Joseph Lund of Dunstable, N.H., Feb. 25, [1794. Copy of Church Record kept by Rev. Nathaniel Lawrence, now in possession of Jonathan F. Bancroft.] Tyngsborough
Betsy and Abijah Johnson, Feb. 19, 1797. Cambridge
Betsy and Joseph Fairbank, June 7, 1803. Harvard
Betsy and Abijah Whitney of Lunenburg, int. Dec. 14, 1811. Westminster
Betsy [and] Salmon Squires, int. Apr. 3, 1814. Hinsdale
Betsy, Miss, of Bolton and Robert Hudson Jur. of Lancaster, int. Feb. 26, 1814. T.R.1, p. 170. Lancaster
Betsy of Ashby, and William Conant, int. Nov. 7, 1814. Harvard
Betsy and Ephraim Darby of Ashby, Nov. 24, 1825. Marlborough
Betsy S. of Natick, and Stephen Goodhue, Esq., int. Jan. 7, 1844. Newton
Betsy W. (Eliza Willard, C.R.I) and Phineas Barnard, June 28, 1796. Harvard
Betty of Harvard and Thomas Atherton, Dec. 15, 1774. At Harvard Bolton
Betty (Elisabeth, int.) and Thomas Atherton of Bolton, Dec. 15, 1774. Harvard
Betty and Thomas Maynard [Hayward?] Jr. March 24, 1783. Templeton
Betty and George Maxwell [int. Maxwill], June 1, 1797. [Maxwell, C.R.] Stow
Bety and Phinehas Wetherbee of Stow, Mar. 5, 1740-1. Harvard
Beulah of Leicester and Samuel Byam of Narragansett, No.6, int. Aug. 20, 1758. Petersham
Beulah and John Ball, April 14, 1765. Spencer
Beulah [Bulah in int.] and Samuel Forbush, May 1, 1772. Upton
Buler and Samuel Byam of Narragansit, No. 6, int. Aug. 20, 1758. Leicester


Barsina, d. Hananiah and Azubah, Jan. 22, 1802. [a. 11m. 18d.] Winchendon
Bela, s.of Ephraim and Sarah, Dec. 14, 1794. Natick
Bela, Sept. 11, 1826, a. 26. Dover
Benjamin, Jr., d. 13 Nov 1713 Watertown
Benjamin, Cornet, Aug. 29, 1718 (in his 40th y., G.R.1) Sherborn
Benjamin, Mar. 26, 1723. Sherborn
Benjamin, s. of James and Martha, Oct. 12, 1723. Sherborn
Benjamin, ** Oct-Nov 1737. [R11] Boston
Benjamin, s. of James and Susanna, Sept. 2, 1781. Sherborn
Benjamin, Dea., Dec. 17, 1793. G.R.5. Sherborn
Benjamin, Ens., May 19, 1802, a. 49y. Gravestone record, Little Cemetery, South Nashua, NH. Tyngsborough
Benjamin, tifus fever, Jan. 29, 1810, a. 22. Conway
Benjamin, h. Anna, Sept. 21, 1821 [a. 79y. 11m.]. Pepperell
Benjamin, d. July 25, 1825 (a. 54y. - church record). [p. 342] Concord
Benjamin, May 26, 1832, a. 32. Millbury
Benjamin, s. John and Jane, Mar. 13, 1841. GR-5 Lowell
Benjamin, Dec. 28, 1842, a. 74. [The last of the Eli Whitney family.] Westborough
Benj[amin], s. of Benj[amin] L., Dec. __, 1847, a. 10y. C.R.9 Cambridge
Beriah, w. John of Weston, formerly w. Daniel Child, Nov. 4, 1768, in 88th y. G. R. Waltham
Bethiah Barret, wid. Capt. Phinehas [d. Oliver and Anna of Westford], Aug. 2, 1849, a. 74 [75. In Marlborough, N.H., G.S.1.] Winchendon
Betsey, d. of Elias and Lucy, May 31, 1811 (in her 23d y. G.R.3) (a. 24 y. Consumption. C.R.) Milford
Betsey, d. Joseph and Abiga [Abiagil (Barnard). P.R. 14], Jan. 5, 181__. [1814, a. 19. y. P.R. 18.] Shelburne
Betsey, d. William, Dec. 27, 1823, a. 9. C.R. Templeton
Betsey, w. Capt. Asa, and d. Capt. Abram Child, suddenly, at Silver Creek, N.Y., a. 54y. Issue of May 7, 1836. N.R.20. Groton
Betsey, w. of _____, Aug. 18, 1836, a. 62 y. G.R. I. Harvard
Betsey, w. John, Apr. 16, 1837. a. 34. East Bridgewater
Betsey, wid. Amos, Aug. 12, 1841, a. 72. Worcester
Betsey, wid. David, Jan. 4, 1843, a. 77. G.S.6. Bolton
Betsey, m., domestic, h. Littleton, d. Edm[un]d and Jane Farnsworth, typhoid fever, Apr. 30, 1847, a. 62y. 1m. [a. 63y. GR-4.] Lowell
Betsy, d. David and Elizabeth, May 4, 1796, a. 1y. 3m. 16d. Westminster
Bettsa, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, July 7, 1787, a. 10m. 4d. Westminster
Betty, w. Moses, March 24, 1772 (82?), in 45th year. G.S.1. Templeton
Beulah, d. John and Rebacah, Feb. 7, 1763. Shirley
Bezaleel, s. Moses and Lydia, May 6, 1730. [p. 94] Littleton

Church Membership

Benja, adm. full comm. 4 Apr 1731. Watertown
Mr. Benja, 4th seat, meetinghouse, 24 Apr 1732. Watertown
Mr. Benjamin, 6th seat, meetinghouse, 15 Jun 1741. Watertown
Benja, 2nd seat in ye front, meetinghouse, 10 Jun 1748. Watertown

Public Records

Bezaleel, grantee, 1795. FD New Salem
Bezaleel, grantor, 1796. FD New Salem

Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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