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Pages for heads of families with sons who need their own pages.

Family:Whitney, William (1802-a1880)

Family:Whitney, Amaziah (1803-1853)

Family:Whitney, Riley (1804-1878)

Family:Whitney, Eli Martin (c1809-1872)

Family:Whitney, Marcus (1812-a1880)

Family:Whitney, Edward Oliver (1816-a1880)
Family:Whitney, Horace (1816-1847)

Family:Whitney, Riley Orrin (1819-1895)

Family:Whitney, Garret (c1820-a1900)
Family:Whitney, La Fayette (1820-1870)

Family:Whitney, Edson (1822-1858)

Family:Whitney, Jonas Franklin (1823-1888)
Family:Whitney, Richard (c1823-a1871)

Family:Whitney, Elbridge (1824-1907)
Family:Whitney, Erastus (1824-1898)

Family:Whitney, Amos (1826-1864)

Family:Whitney, John C. (1827-1902)
Family:Whitney, Richard Ellmarshall (1827-1887)
Family:Whitney, Royal Edwin (1827-1897)

Family:Whitney, Albert (1829-a1900)
Family:Whitney, William Henry (1829-a1880)

Family:Whitney, Robert Britton (1834-1916)

Family:Whitney, Calvin Crocker (1839-1896)
Family:Whitney, John Jay (1837-a1880)
Family:Whitney, William A. (c1837-a1880)

Family:Whitney, Nelson Bigelow (1840-1905)
Family:Whitney, Sydney (1840-1889)

Family:Whitney, John D. (c1841-1903)
Family:Whitney, Lorenzo Peabody (1841-a1900)
Family:Widney, Oliver Hanna (1841-1918)
Family:Whitney, Orlin M. (1841-1913)
Family:Whitney, Watson H. (1841-1882)
Family:Whitney, William Blake (1841-1891)
Family:Whitney, William Collins (1841-1904)
Family:Whitney, William Eli (1841-1918)
Family:Whitney, William Henry (1841-1915)

Family:Whitney, Charles Howard (1842-1932)
Family:Whitney, Nathan Herbert (1842-1913)
Family:Whitney, Warren (1842-1924)
Family:Whitney, William W. (1842-1914)

Family:Whitney, John W. (1843-1875)
Family:Whitney, Jonas Lovering (1843-1913)
Family:Whitney, Jonathan Miles (1843-a1920)
Family:Whitney, Levi Lincoln (1843-1890)
Family:Whitney, Theodore Wellington (1843-1920)
Family:Whitney, William Whitmore (1843-1929)

Family:Whitney, Sullivan (c1844-1871)
Family:Whitney, William H. (c1844-1867)

Family:Whitney, Jonathan (1845-1904)
Family:Whitney, Joseph Parry (1845-1929)

Family:Whitney, Robert M. (1846-a1910)
Family:Whitney, Sumner Wallace (1846-1906)

Family:Whitney, John H. (c1847-a1880)
Family:Whitney, Joseph Benjamin (1847-1908)
Family:Whitney, Stephen Suydam (1847-a1877)

Family:Whitney, William Harmon (1848-1888)18

Family:Whitney, Moses Fisk (1849-?)
Family:Whitney, Sidney Drinkwater (1849-1913)
Family:Whitney, William D. (1849-1884)

Family:Whitney, John D. (1850-a1920)
Family:Whitney, Winfield Scott (c1850-a1880)

Family:Whitney, William Henry (1853-1933)

Family:Whitney, Mathew Sullivan (1856-1785)
Family:Whitney, Royal A. (1856-a1930)
Family:Whitney, William Prescott (1856-a1900)

Family:Whitney, William (1858-1929)

Family:Whitney, Nelson Eddy (c1861-a1910)

Family:Whitney, Jay H. (1863-1940)
Family:Whitney, Willis Ward (1863-1922)

Family:Whitney, Willis Clifford (1869-1937)

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